A Minimalist Murder Mystery

I’ve always thought minimalist posters were an artistic and creative way to show the plot/main focus of a story through only a few shapes and colors. For this assignment, “Minimalist TV/Movie Poster” we were to create a poster that captures a story through minimalist design and iconography. I decided to use the movie Clue as my inspiration because I felt that the¬†characters and their corresponding murder weapons are central to the film and the board game it is based on. I was wanted to use a film with noir elements for this assignment. Even though¬†Clue is a comedy, some aspects of it lend themselves to film noir, like the atmosphere of a dark and stormy night at a large mansion, murder, and the femme fatale character of Ms. Scarlet. I created this poster by using icons from The Noun Project website and the Clue logo from another movie poster and editing them on a template in Photoshop. I edited the murder weapons to be the same color as the person who receives them in the film and made the majority of the poster black so that the weapons stand out on the white strip cutting the poster in two. The Clue logo I kept red because it contrasts well with black and catches your eye quickly. I then made the poster a jpeg and uploaded it to Flickr and this blog.

Clue Minimalist Poster

Assignment Value: 3 1/2 stars

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