Itty Bitty Kitty

I had a lot of fun coming up with this assignment. I wanted to connect it with our upcoming radio show, so I based it around cats because two of the main characters of the show own cats. This Audio Assignment is the“ds106 Radio Commercial” where you have to create an item that would be useful for my favorite TV show or movie character, but I adapted it to fit my noir character.

This commercial will most likely appear in our group radio show and I feel that it fits into the context of the story. My favorite audio I found was the happy piano music made by setuniman on freesound because I could just imagine cute animals being in a commercial with that music in the background. I also used cat audio clips from steffcaffrey and dobroide and my own voice clip made on Audacity. I’m really happy with how the cat sounds at the beginning lined up with notes from the piano audio and that the piano audio doesn’t cover up my voice because I lowered the volume of the audio track. The hardest part of this assignment was just figuring out how to get the message of the product across in a small amount of time. The cat background I found also matches up with the product pretty well. Now everyone will know of the joy that is IttyBittyKitty Shampoo!

Assignment Value: 3 stars

4 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Kitty”

  1. I have told you this in person, but your commercial just makes me smile. I could listen to it on repeat honestly. The words you chose to describe your product were really sweet and the I agree with the comments above that the meows were adorable.

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