Ring, Ring Ringtone

This week, I decided to complete the “Make Your Own Ringtone” Audio Assignment. for this assignment, you have to join different audio clips into one file and create a ringtone for your phone that isn’t longer than 40 seconds. At first, I tried animals sounds, like guinea pigs, but found that mixing the audio of herbertboland’s ‘pianomood31′ clip from freesound and keweldog’s ‘plucked-harp4′ audio. I wanted to make the ringtone begin and end with similar sounds to let me know that the the ringtone has made a complete loop. The electronic harp music in the middle of the ringtone is raised in volume so it catches your attention if you’re not expecting your phone to ring. I altered the clips in Photoshop and to fade in and out so that the transition between separate audio clips wasn’t as abrupt. I would set this as my ringtone for unknown numbers so that I could listen to the audio all the way through and shorten it to be a text ringtone.

Assignment Value: 1 1/2 stars

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