The Sleuths’ Business Card

I had already completed the bad guy business card assignment, so I was inspired to create a business card for the Steadfast Sleuths as well. I adapted the Create Your Own Business Card assignment to fit this week’s objective of having all of the assignments relate to multiple noir106 characters. I incorporated all of the Steadfast Sleuths’ names into the business card as well as one of the lines from our radio show. Because they move around so often, The Sleuths usually give out the cards themselves and are found in the phone book or at the police station for contact. Compared to the villain card, I decided to use similar font in the magnifying glass, which I found in an online search, and used a more curvy and less aggressive font for the name of the PI group. The card was designed and edited in Photoshop and then uploaded to Flickr. The clean and simple design of the card is supposed to be a foil of Shannon Mills’ text-filled card, but the two still have a similar color scheme.

SS Business Card

Assignment Value: 2 stars

6 thoughts on “The Sleuths’ Business Card”

  1. I love the design of your business card! It looks very professional and realistic. I also really liked your idea to incorporate all of the characters in your radio show into one business card. I think the MaNOIRpulators might need a joint business card. All parts of the design flow from the size of the text and font to the use of a magnifying glass. Great work!

  2. This looks great! This looks so real and looks like a business card that a detective could actually use. Great idea for a collaborative business card.

  3. This is such an awesome idea for a business card! and so authentic too! I have come across the business card assignment multiple times now but have opted out of doing it each time. After seeing this one I’m definitely going to do this assignment if I get the chance again

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