The Sleuths Head to San Francisco

For the You’re A Pinteresting Character Web Assignment, I teamed up with Kim and Lauren and their characters, to create a Pinterest board that would detail what each of our characters would be interested in doing if they went on a trip to San Francisco. We decided to complete this assignment together because we wanted to keep our characters together and continue their stories together. Sarah Mustard and Shelley Layton are staying with Sasha Kellogg at her home during this trip. We decided to use San Francisco as our destination because it is another large city in California, like LA in our radio show, and there are so many things to do. The pins of KitTea, Black Cat Brewing Co, and other cat referencing pins are definitely places that the avid cat lovers, Sarah and Shelley, would check out. Sasha’s pins are more geared toward activities like drive-in movies and shopping. Together the Steadfast Sleuths can enjoy some good food and still delve into some mysteries while they are there. Our group covered our bases by finding relaxing activities like reading, sightseeing, and shopping and combining those with the detective’s natural inclination to unsolved mysteries with the Winchester House. This was probably my favorite assignment this week because I really liked being able to continue the story of the Steadfast Sleuths with their creators, and because browsing through images on Pinterest is entertaining.

San Francisco Trip Board

SF Pinterest Board

Assignment Value: 4 stars

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