My Resume

This post contains my, Shelley Layton’s, current job resume for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the Character Resume Web Assignment and when I happened upon the assignment I realized that I needed to update my resume anyway due to my moving to San Francisco and becoming a part of the Steadfast Sleuths. I created my resume in a Microsoft Word document and embedded the file into this blog post. Updating my resume made me realize how far I have come in the past year and I’m hoping that my career will keep heading in the positive direction it is now.

Shelley Resume

Assignment Value: 3 stars

I’m Thankful

For the 10 Seconds of Thanks Visual Assignment, I thought of what I was thankful for in my daily life personally and in business. I wrote what I am thankful for directly into this post and also posted a photograph of a 10 second pen drawing of me. This assignment made me realize what I thought was most important to me by forcing me to think of them within a very small time frame and I enjoyed the challenge.

10 Second

I’m Thankful for:
Good in the world
Good friends
Bad liars
Good liars
Pluto, cats in general
Second chances

Assignment Value: 2.5 stars

My Dream Trip

For the Dream Vacation on Pinterest Web Assignment, I created a Pinterest board through Kayleigh’s Pinterest account detailing my dream vacation that I eventually would like to take to Japan. I first became interested in Japanese culture as I was learning the Japanese language during my time as a student at the University of London. Then when I moved out here to San Francisco, I learned much more about Japanese culture that I became interested in, the festivals, popular travel destinations, and the absurd amount of cats.

I have no particular order in which I would like to do things, but I definitely want to visit each of the places mentioned for a specific reason. Also, this could either be a trip I take alone or Sarah and Sasha could come too if they are interested. In Tokyo, I’d like to go to a cat cafe, go to hanami, also called cherry blossom viewing, and to go shopping for myself and for souvenirs for friends. In Kyoto, I would visit the Infinity Cafe and figure out which types of Japanese tea I prefer. The place I want to visit the most is Fukuoka Island, where semi-wild cats roam freely across the island and it would be so much fun to be surrounded by dozens of cats. There is also a similar island filled with rabbits called Okunoshima. To take a break from the more relaxing parts of the trip, I’m debating on visiting/investigating Aokigahara, the “suicide forest”, where multiple people enter each year and never return alive. If this venture proves to be too dangerous, I also plan to explore Hashima, an abandoned coal mining island off of the coast of Japan, which is a completely abandoned city which once held thousands of inhabitants. Finally, I would visit Kinokawa City to see Tama, the cat train station master and walk through the Wisteria Flower Tunnel at the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan. Of course, this vacation is still only a concept at best and will need much more thorough information before becoming a reality.

Assignment Value: 3 Stars

Watch Patents

For the Patent Pending Visual Assignment, I felt that I would hang some old patent drawings of pocket watches on my walls at my home or in the Steadfast Sleuths office. I found the pocket watch and stopwatch images through a Google image search and used the photo-editing elements of Powerpoint to make the patents look older and newer by altering the color of the paper, making the drawing lines appear darker or faded, and stuck the two images side by side as they would be together in one frame. My parents gave me a pocket watch when I was a child and patent drawings such as these are helpful for figuring out what is wrong with the watch if it’s broken. Also, looking at the intricate work that goes into creating something so small but important in our daily lives is fascinating to think about.

Patent Watch Drawings

Assignment Value: 2 Stars

A Random Sleuth Story

I decided to complete the Short Story With Random Words and Animal(s) writing assignment because it seemed like an assignment that is well suited to this week’s requirement of using multiple characters in my assignments. I was able to create a story in a word document using the first ten words I was given. Based on these words, I was inspired to create a new case for the Steadfast Sleuths following their radio show adventure and I wanted to involve the entire group so I used more dialogue than I usually do. Creating a follow up adventure for the Steadfast Sleuths was a great way for me to figure out how Shelley would interact with people close to her and gave me a chance to enhance her character as a whole.

The ten random words that I used in this story are bolded, as well as the animal:


After closing the door to their car, Sasha, Sarah, and Shelley walked over to the crime scene to put together what had happened earlier that night. There was a man in the alleyway, probably in his late twenties, lying face down on the pavement with a bloodied head and disheveled clothes. Sarah noticed the object lying alongside the man’s head and said, “It looks like a loose brick fell from one of these buildings, bounced off of his head, and killed him”. “Perhaps,” commented Shelley, “but let’s look more closely at what the man has on his person before jumping to conclusions”.

Not content with their first assumption the three women carefully examined the contents of the man’s adjustable knapsack and pants pockets. “I’ve found something you might want to look at,” exclaimed Sasha. In her hand, she held a small business card designed with a raster graphic designed black cat and the text Cosmic Cats, a local crime gang that had been growing in notoriety within the last few months. “So they’re involved with this,” Shelley remarked while slowly walking away and starting to brood. The Steadfast Sleuths had taken smaller cases concerning the Cosmic Cats before, and knew that if they accepted one involving murder, there was no telling what the gang could do in retaliation to their snooping around. Shelley turned to her friends, “Well, are you up to the challenge?” she said while wearing a small, sly grin. “Of course,” responded Sasha, “We haven’t run away from a case yet and we won’t start now, right Sarah?” Sarah sighed and proclaimed, “I swear, we all must have some unhealthy addiction to danger”, and a small smile crept onto her face, “and we’ll just keep on feeding it. Let’s get started.”

Assignment Value: 3 stars

The Sleuths’ Business Card

I had already completed the bad guy business card assignment, so I was inspired to create a business card for the Steadfast Sleuths as well. I adapted the Create Your Own Business Card assignment to fit this week’s objective of having all of the assignments relate to multiple noir106 characters. I incorporated all of the Steadfast Sleuths’ names into the business card as well as one of the lines from our radio show. Because they move around so often, The Sleuths usually give out the cards themselves and are found in the phone book or at the police station for contact. Compared to the villain card, I decided to use similar font in the magnifying glass, which I found in an online search, and used a more curvy and less aggressive font for the name of the PI group. The card was designed and edited in Photoshop and then uploaded to Flickr. The clean and simple design of the card is supposed to be a foil of Shannon Mills’ text-filled card, but the two still have a similar color scheme.

SS Business Card

Assignment Value: 2 stars

Mills’ Business Card

When I saw this assignment for creating a business card for a bad guy, I knew that I had to create a business card for Shannon Mills, the villain of the Steadfast Sleuths and more specifically, Sasha Kellogg. The inspiration for this card came from our group’s radio show, because Sarah and Shelley are given a business card for Shannon Mills during the show and I used that as a template for the design, including name, occupation, and phone number. I found the perfect background image for the card off of a Google image search and created the rest of the card in Photoshop. I used this image because of the dark mood set by the text with words such as crime, horror, etc. I created the card using Photoshop and then uploaded it to Flickr. I found that white text on a black background popped out more than the opposite, since the background image is all newspaper, and I really like how the text and colors work well with one another in creating the card.

Shannon Mills Business Card

Assignment Value: 2 stars

The Sleuths Head to San Francisco

For the You’re A Pinteresting Character Web Assignment, I teamed up with Kim and Lauren and their characters, to create a Pinterest board that would detail what each of our characters would be interested in doing if they went on a trip to San Francisco. We decided to complete this assignment together because we wanted to keep our characters together and continue their stories together. Sarah Mustard and Shelley Layton are staying with Sasha Kellogg at her home during this trip. We decided to use San Francisco as our destination because it is another large city in California, like LA in our radio show, and there are so many things to do. The pins of KitTea, Black Cat Brewing Co, and other cat referencing pins are definitely places that the avid cat lovers, Sarah and Shelley, would check out. Sasha’s pins are more geared toward activities like drive-in movies and shopping. Together the Steadfast Sleuths can enjoy some good food and still delve into some mysteries while they are there. Our group covered our bases by finding relaxing activities like reading, sightseeing, and shopping and combining those with the detective’s natural inclination to unsolved mysteries with the Winchester House. This was probably my favorite assignment this week because I really liked being able to continue the story of the Steadfast Sleuths with their creators, and because browsing through images on Pinterest is entertaining.

San Francisco Trip Board

SF Pinterest Board

Assignment Value: 4 stars

Did You Get My Message?

This Audio Assignment is “Movie Voice Machines” and the guidelines for it are to create a voicemail for a character in a film or TV show. I altered this assignment for our group radio show and had my character, Shelley Layton, leave a message for someone in the radio show instead. Also, instead of hearing the voicemail played back, I made it so the listener can hear Shelley dial the phone and leave the message. I’m glad I included more in the assignment than just the message, like the dialing, background noise, and hanging up, because it makes the audio feel more like an ongoing event, instead of a static moment. From freesound, I used audio tracks from the users crosbychris, crz1990, and walter-odington as well as my own audio recorded in Audacity. Creating the dialogue for this voicemail was the hardest part, but since this fits into a scene in the radio show, I had some material to work with.

Assignment Value: 2 1/2 stars

Itty Bitty Kitty

I had a lot of fun coming up with this assignment. I wanted to connect it with our upcoming radio show, so I based it around cats because two of the main characters of the show own cats. This Audio Assignment is the“ds106 Radio Commercial” where you have to create an item that would be useful for my favorite TV show or movie character, but I adapted it to fit my noir character.

This commercial will most likely appear in our group radio show and I feel that it fits into the context of the story. My favorite audio I found was the happy piano music made by setuniman on freesound because I could just imagine cute animals being in a commercial with that music in the background. I also used cat audio clips from steffcaffrey and dobroide and my own voice clip made on Audacity. I’m really happy with how the cat sounds at the beginning lined up with notes from the piano audio and that the piano audio doesn’t cover up my voice because I lowered the volume of the audio track. The hardest part of this assignment was just figuring out how to get the message of the product across in a small amount of time. The cat background I found also matches up with the product pretty well. Now everyone will know of the joy that is IttyBittyKitty Shampoo!

Assignment Value: 3 stars