Did You Get My Message?

This Audio Assignment is “Movie Voice Machines” and the guidelines for it are to create a voicemail for a character in a film or TV show. I altered this assignment for our group radio show and had my character, Shelley Layton, leave a message for someone in the radio show instead. Also, instead of hearing the voicemail played back, I made it so the listener can hear Shelley dial the phone and leave the message. I’m glad I included more in the assignment than just the message, like the dialing, background noise, and hanging up, because it makes the audio feel more like an ongoing event, instead of a static moment. From freesound, I used audio tracks from the users crosbychris, crz1990, and walter-odington as well as my own audio recorded in Audacity. Creating the dialogue for this voicemail was the hardest part, but since this fits into a scene in the radio show, I had some material to work with.

Assignment Value: 2 1/2 stars

Itty Bitty Kitty

I had a lot of fun coming up with this assignment. I wanted to connect it with our upcoming radio show, so I based it around cats because two of the main characters of the show own cats. This Audio Assignment is the“ds106 Radio Commercial” where you have to create an item that would be useful for my favorite TV show or movie character, but I adapted it to fit my noir character.

This commercial will most likely appear in our group radio show and I feel that it fits into the context of the story. My favorite audio I found was the happy piano music made by setuniman on freesound because I could just imagine cute animals being in a commercial with that music in the background. I also used cat audio clips from steffcaffrey and dobroide and my own voice clip made on Audacity. I’m really happy with how the cat sounds at the beginning lined up with notes from the piano audio and that the piano audio doesn’t cover up my voice because I lowered the volume of the audio track. The hardest part of this assignment was just figuring out how to get the message of the product across in a small amount of time. The cat background I found also matches up with the product pretty well. Now everyone will know of the joy that is IttyBittyKitty Shampoo!

Assignment Value: 3 stars

Shelley’s Theme

Shelley Layton now has a theme song as a result of the “Your Theme Song” Audio Assignment. I altered this assignment a bit because instead of creating a theme song for myself, I created one for my original character. The music and sound effects I used came from the freesound users soulman-90, yuval, cgeffex, qubodup, and bulbastre. The audio clips were spliced together in Audacity and the background image is a free wallpaper. The ticking watch gives the theme an even pace, the piano music steadily rises the tension, and the theme comes to a its highest tension when you hear the gun being cocked and a door being broken in. I’m really glad that I decided to have the piano fade out as the gun was fired, because it makes the shots ring out louder. I wanted to only have the watch’s audio at the beginning and ending of the theme because it is a constant throughout the whole song and the watch is one of the items most closely connected with Shelley, so hearing it in her daily life would be natural. In this scenario, she would be on a case and hiding from someone who has been tailing her for a while, which then leads to her confronting this individual at the end of the theme. This is probably my favorite Audio Assignment of the week so far.

Assignment Value: 4 stars

Ring, Ring Ringtone

This week, I decided to complete the “Make Your Own Ringtone” Audio Assignment. for this assignment, you have to join different audio clips into one file and create a ringtone for your phone that isn’t longer than 40 seconds. At first, I tried animals sounds, like guinea pigs, but found that mixing the audio of herbertboland’s ‘pianomood31′ clip from freesound and keweldog’s ‘plucked-harp4′ audio. I wanted to make the ringtone begin and end with similar sounds to let me know that the the ringtone has made a complete loop. The electronic harp music in the middle of the ringtone is raised in volume so it catches your attention if you’re not expecting your phone to ring. I altered the clips in Photoshop and to fade in and out so that the transition between separate audio clips wasn’t as abrupt. I would set this as my ringtone for unknown numbers so that I could listen to the audio all the way through and shorten it to be a text ringtone.

Assignment Value: 1 1/2 stars

Bumper To Bumper Radio

This Audio Assignment is titled “Create A DS106 Radio Bumper” where everyone in the ds106 class this semester was required to create a radio bumper for ds106 radio. I never knew that this had a definitive name, I just thought the bumper would be called a radio station advertisement. I’ve heard them many times before on music stations and news stations, but didn’t realize the planning that went into basically creating a tagline for a radio station. I decided to make the bumper have brass instruments in the background as a voice introduced the radio station as the louder audio. The instrumental audio starts and ends the bumper on louder notes to catch a listeners’ attention, while the instruments soften around the voice audio so listeners can hear the message of the bumper. I recorded my voice in Audacity for the radio bumper as one audio file and cut it into two so each section would have more emphasis and feel more suspenseful with music in between and surrounding each voice clip. I deepened the pitch and slowed down the speed of the instrumental clip to heighten the feeling of  suspense of the bumper. I felt that this radio station’s focus on mystery and noir audio shows would be best conveyed in a serious and intense bumper, rather than an over the top and boisterous bumper. I edited my voice clip and an audio clip from freesound  in Audacity, uploaded the MP3 file to soundcloud and embedded it below. This was a very creative assignment and I can’t wait to see what direction other people took their radio bumpers in.

The Sounds of Sadness

The Audio Assignment “Emotions Through Sound” consists of conveying emotions only through sound effects or human sounds. I chose to attempt to convey the emotions of sadness and apprehension through sound effect clips. At first I was only going to focus on sadness, but as I started editing the audio clips, I realized that I could convey a more complicated emotion as well. The sounds of the slowly tolling bells and soft rain can make you visualize a gloomy, rainy day where a service is being held due to an unfortunate incident. The howling wind and claps of thunder would make someone feel apprehensive if they are venturing outdoors and they would quicken their pace to reach the safety of their home. I found sound clips of wind, bells, rain, and thunder at freesound.org and then imported the audio files into Audacity. While in Audacity, I shifted different sounds to different times, cut some audio out to shorten the entirety of the assignment, copied some sounds for layering, and altered the pitch and speed of some of the audio clips in order to attain the right conditions for a somber atmosphere. The edited file was then exported, uploaded to soundcloud, and embedded below.

Assignment Value: 3 stars

What Song is this?

I completed the Audio Assignment “Reverse Audio Quiz” in which you must reverse an audio file of music and give people three hints as to what the song is. My hints are:
-This song is on the soundtrack of a 2013 film.
-The singer’s genres of music are primarily considered to be pop, R&B, and folk music.
-The image on the audio file relates to the song itself and the movie soundtrack the song is from.

I decided on this particular assignment because I like to give people a quiz to solve. This type of assignment lets people interact with someone’s blog post in a different way and makes them feel a sense of accomplishment when solving the puzzle. I also wanted to listen to some particular songs backwards and hear how strange they sounded. I enjoy listening to the original version of this song and ended up finding the reversed version pleasant to listen to because the song is generally relaxing to listen to. I create this audio file by converting my iTunes version of this song into an AIFF file, dragging the file into Audacity, and using the Audacity editing tools to reverse the audio of the song file. I then exported the song as a wav. file, uploaded the file to Soundcloud, and embedded the Soundcloud file below.

Assignment Value: 2 1/2 stars

Shelley After Work

This blog post is a response to the Audio Assignment titled “Sound Effects Story” where you have to tell a story with no verbal communication, only sound effects. This audio listens in to a quiet moment in my character’s, Shelley Layton’s life, after she returns home from teaching a class at the university she works for. Even though her life is filled with stressful moments, I wanted to capture one of the rarer peaceful times Shelley can enjoy, with her tea, her cat, and her reading documents relating to her current private detective case. I decided to create a calm atmosphere with sounds because I wanted to focus on the more normal aspects of Shelley’s life and while exciting moments in your life can be filled with an abundance of different things to listen to, the quiet moments can almost have more tension due to the absence of background noises.

In order to create this audio file, I downloaded 11 different sound clips from the website freesound.org. I then compiled the audio clips into the program Audacity, began to slide them into order using the Time Shift Tool, overlapped some of the sound clips, and then exported the audio as a wav. file. Lastly, I uploaded the final audio file into soundcloud, added a cover photo, and embedded it below into this blog post

Assignment Value: 3 1/2 stars