Watch Patents

For the Patent Pending Visual Assignment, I felt that I would hang some old patent drawings of pocket watches on my walls at my home or in the Steadfast Sleuths office. I found the pocket watch and stopwatch images through a Google image search and used the photo-editing elements of Powerpoint to make the patents look older and newer by altering the color of the paper, making the drawing lines appear darker or faded, and stuck the two images side by side as they would be together in one frame. My parents gave me a pocket watch when I was a child and patent drawings such as these are helpful for figuring out what is wrong with the watch if it’s broken. Also, looking at the intricate work that goes into creating something so small but important in our daily lives is fascinating to think about.

Patent Watch Drawings

Assignment Value: 2 Stars

Shelley’s Bag

This blog post is a response to the Visual Assignment titled “What’s In Your Bag?” and contains images of my fictional character, Shelley Layton’s bag, and the contents of her bag. The contents of her bag includes:
lipstick: Shelley likes to maintain a nice appearance and her favorite color is rouge.
black gloves: These are used for formal outings or investigating a crime scene.
handkerchief: Shelley uses this for personal hygiene and holding evidence.
pocket watch: A final gift from her family before their demise/disappearance.
notebook and pen: She uses this to take notes during her investigations, for class notes, sketches, and writing poetry.
Edgar Allan Poe poetry book: Shelley reads this in her free time and keeps her money between the pages.
handgun: Shelley keeps this in her bag when she’s alone at night or on a case.

When thinking about what items Shelley would carry with her, I thought about what I carry in my bag (notebook, chapstick, and book)and then what a professor/detective (gloves, handkerchief, gun) would carry. The pocket watch and book are the only items she would care about if they were misplaced or stolen. I found images of these items on Google searches and organized them together on a Powerpoint slide, uploaded the image to Flickr, and embedded the image in this blog post.

Shelley Bag Contents

Assignment Value: 3 stars

Shelley’s Notes

This blog entry is a response to the Visual Assignment “Post-It Notes And Grocery Lists!” where I had to create notes that my fictional noir106 character Shelley Layton would leave for herself around her apartment. One of the notes relates to her official occupation as a university professor and another note lists what her plans are for the latest crime she’s investigating as a private detective. Pluto is Shelley’s pet black cat, named after the black cat in Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, The Black Cat. You can tell that Shelley is serious about her tea from how many of her notes pertain to it. These notes give viewers a look into the daily life of my character and how she plans her day. In order to create these notes, I used the Sticky Notes program on my laptop, enlarged a blue sticky note for the background over my desktop, and created smaller notes with text on top of the blank note. I then took a screenshot of the image, uploaded the photo to Flickr, and embedded it in this post. For the content of the notes, I referenced what I had already written about Shelley and decided to add more information regarding her home life and daily activities.

Shelley's Sticky Notes

Assignment Value: 4 stars

*More Shelley information

Lily Stencil

For the Visual Assignment “Back to Basics” I had to find a photo I have taken and remove the color from the photo so that it would look like a stenciled image instead of a photograph. The brightness of the lily and lily pads contrasting with the dark water in this photo was the main reason I chose this image. I really like how the darker spots on the lily pad became splotches on the stencil version of the photo. In order to create this effect, I copied and pasted the original photo into Powerpoint and used Picture Tools, mostly the Color Tone tool, to create the stencil-like version of this photograph. I then uploaded the images to Flickr and embedded them into this post. I always like to play with the colors of photos I have taken to see what they would have looked like in a different light, but I admire how a stenciled image is completely contrasting black and white, to better make out what the focus of the photograph is.

Original Image

Minnesota Water Lily

Stencil Image

Stencil Lily

Assignment Value: 2 stars

The Window at Notre Dame

This Visual Assignment was called “Putting Disney Into Focus” while blurring out what is surrounding the object in the photo I took. I chose to take a scene from the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame when Esmeralda is singing “God Help the Outcasts” in the cathedral. I chose this window because the song it is a part of has great animation and lighting and developed Esmeralda as a character we should care about.

Notre Dame Window




When I took a trip around Europe after I graduated from high school, I was able to go to Notre Dame and took this picture. After I downloaded the photo onto my laptop, I edited the photo in Paint and Photoshop by blurring the edges and darkening the background to make the window pop out from the wall. I then uploaded the edited photo to Flickr and embedded it in this post. I also embedded a video of the song from Youtube so it is easier to see the similarities between the photo and the movie.

Assignment Value: 2 stars