I’m Thankful

For the 10 Seconds of Thanks Visual Assignment, I thought of what I was thankful for in my daily life personally and in business. I wrote what I am thankful for directly into this post and also posted a photograph of a 10 second pen drawing of me. This assignment made me realize what I thought was most important to me by forcing me to think of them within a very small time frame and I enjoyed the challenge.

10 Second

I’m Thankful for:
Good in the world
Good friends
Bad liars
Good liars
Pluto, cats in general
Second chances

Assignment Value: 2.5 stars

A Random Sleuth Story

I decided to complete the Short Story With Random Words and Animal(s) writing assignment because it seemed like an assignment that is well suited to this week’s requirement of using multiple characters in my assignments. I was able to create a story in a word document using the first ten words I was given. Based on these words, I was inspired to create a new case for the Steadfast Sleuths following their radio show adventure and I wanted to involve the entire group so I used more dialogue than I usually do. Creating a follow up adventure for the Steadfast Sleuths was a great way for me to figure out how Shelley would interact with people close to her and gave me a chance to enhance her character as a whole.

The ten random words that I used in this story are bolded, as well as the animal:


After closing the door to their car, Sasha, Sarah, and Shelley walked over to the crime scene to put together what had happened earlier that night. There was a man in the alleyway, probably in his late twenties, lying face down on the pavement with a bloodied head and disheveled clothes. Sarah noticed the object lying alongside the man’s head and said, “It looks like a loose brick fell from one of these buildings, bounced off of his head, and killed him”. “Perhaps,” commented Shelley, “but let’s look more closely at what the man has on his person before jumping to conclusions”.

Not content with their first assumption the three women carefully examined the contents of the man’s adjustable knapsack and pants pockets. “I’ve found something you might want to look at,” exclaimed Sasha. In her hand, she held a small business card designed with a raster graphic designed black cat and the text Cosmic Cats, a local crime gang that had been growing in notoriety within the last few months. “So they’re involved with this,” Shelley remarked while slowly walking away and starting to brood. The Steadfast Sleuths had taken smaller cases concerning the Cosmic Cats before, and knew that if they accepted one involving murder, there was no telling what the gang could do in retaliation to their snooping around. Shelley turned to her friends, “Well, are you up to the challenge?” she said while wearing a small, sly grin. “Of course,” responded Sasha, “We haven’t run away from a case yet and we won’t start now, right Sarah?” Sarah sighed and proclaimed, “I swear, we all must have some unhealthy addiction to danger”, and a small smile crept onto her face, “and we’ll just keep on feeding it. Let’s get started.”

Assignment Value: 3 stars

The Murdered: An Alternate Ending to The Killers


Nick had done what George had asked. He had told Ole Anderson about the two men in matching derby hats and black overcoats that were going to kill Ole Anderson. And Ole Anderson didn’t care. He didn’t even show as much as a glint of concern for what those two fellows want to do to him. Ole Anderson just laid on his too small of a bed and stared at the blank wall at his feet. “Why?” Nick spoke quietly to himself as he slowly trudged away from Hirsch’s rooming-house. “What awful deed could Ole Anderson have done to have two killers trailing him, and for him to just calmly wait for them in his room?” As Nick was deep in thought about this, he failed to notice two figures enter through Hirsch’s door.

Max and Al figured that someone from the lunch-room would try to warn Ole Anderson about them as soon as they left. “Well, this means we’ll get the job done quicker,” stated Max. “Won’t have to clean it up since there won’t be any witnesses either,” said Al. They kept their distance from Nick as he entered Hirsch’s and stayed in the shadows until he had left. It was easy for them to hide in the dark with their black coats. Entering the rooming-house was easy; the only thing Max and Al didn’t know was whether or not Ole Anderson would put up a fight. When they entered his room, Ole Anderson just gave them a passing glance from his bed and continued staring sullenly at the bedroom wall. He already knew why they were there. They didn’t need to explain anything to him. He just lied there on his small bed, staring at the wall with a sawn off shotgun resting on his temple, knowing that he deserved what was coming to him.


I decided to create an alternate ending for The Killers for the assignment Write An Alternative Ending, because I felt like it had an open ended ending where the hostages at the lunch-room could have contacted the police, Max and Al could have killed Ole Anderson or the other way around, or the ending I’ve written. I made this as a means to end an open-ended story; I enjoy and dislike stories with no definite ending because, on the one hand, the reader can create whatever ending to a story satisfies them the most. On the other hand, I really like to know how the author would have wanted the story to end and feel pressured to imagine the “correct” ending from an endless number of possible endings. I referenced the story for character names, personalities, and reading how the characters talked and how Ernest Hemingway wrote. After that, I just thought about the possible ending to the story that I preferred and wrote the ending in a Word Document and posted it here.

Assignment Value: 3 stars

Please Look at Me…

I know when you wake up every morning. I know when you leave the house. I know how late you stay up some nights. I know how long it takes for you to make macaroni and cheese in the microwave. And how often you burn it; you need to use me more often. You barely look at me anymore. You’re parents and grandparents looked at me almost daily, but maybe I’m out of date now…an antique. Do you really not use me anymore? I know I can’t be carried around everywhere to do my job, but I’m supposed to be the one used in the house. People add machines like me into little computers, cars, kitchen appliances and heck, even the thing that’s always in your pocket has one of me. I see why you don’t think I’m as useful. I can’t shout to wake you up in the morning or remind you of a friend’s birthday, but I have a presence. I’m even taller than you, so why am I forgotten and left to die. I don’t want to become something akin to the boombox in the corner. I need to be needed! I can feel myself slowing down, little by little, hour by hour. Soon I won’t even be able to move my hands and I’ll just be another decoration against a wall. But it seems like that’s all I’m good for anyways.

I decided to complete the Monologue Of A Household Tool Writing Assignment because I thought it would be a fun idea to look around my room and think about how an object feels when it is used daily or if an object has been ignored or misused for a long time. This assignment can have someone write on completely different sides of the emotional spectrum, shown as a happy, used tool or as a neglected, sour tool. I got my idea of using an old grandfather clock from noticing how common clocks are found in daily life. You have watches, clocks on cell phones, computers and just about everywhere else you go outside of our home. Large grandfather clocks have lost their primary purpose to more convenient devices that are wearable and now they mostly serve as a gateway into the past of how people used to tell time and how impressive the size of the clock feels. I wrote this assignment in Microsoft Word and found the image on Google from TripAdvisor.

Assignment Value: 4.5 stars


Why is Your Name Spelled That Way?

Hello, this is my post for the What’s In a Name Writing Assignment on the ds106 website. I always get a look from people after I spell out my first name for them or a comment like “that’s a pretty way to spell it”, but not many people ask why Kayleigh is spelled the way it is. My blog URL has parts of my real name incorporated into it. My full name is Kayleigh Ann Barbee. My last name comes from my father’s side of the family and has mixed Irish/Scottish origins while my middle name, Ann, was the middle name of one of my great, great grandmothers on my mother’s side of the family. My first name comes from a more interesting and unusual source. My mother and father loved the modern music they grew up with in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Before I was born they had listened to the music of a British neo-progressive rock band called Marillion. Their biggest hit came out in 1985 and became No. 2 on the charts and the song was titled “Kayleigh”. My parents loved the music and the message of love in this rock song so that was how I was given the name Kayleigh. I researched later that the name has Irish and Gaelic origins, which connects perfectly with my last name.

I chose this topic because I think that the way my parents chose my first name is fascinating to me. Many people in my family received their first names from older family members or family members that they would never get to know because they had passed. Also, I wanted to ask my family about the origin of my middle name because I had never asked about it before. I also found out that if I had been a boy I would have been named Lucas, but they didn’t have a clear reason for that name other than my parents both liked the name. I know my mom really enjoys the first Star Wars trilogy, but I am pretty sure that my boy name had nothing to do with George Lucas.

I also chose this topic because people sometimes ask if my last name has any relation to the doll which shares the same name with a different spelling. Mainly, I just carry around a card with my full name on it so I don’t have to spell my name out loud for people and so I don’t get frustrated trying to tell someone that my name is Kayleigh, not Katelyn, Katie, or Haylee. By explaining my name, I feel that the name has more of a presence than just labeling it as just a different or modified version of an easier to spell name. For this assignment, I just typed up the assignment here on my blog and embedded a video of Marillion’s song from Youtube.

Assignment Value: 2 stars