Noir Safari

These photos are for the Noir Photo Safari and capture the Noir elements of:

Dramatic use of distinct shadows: the shadows created from the sun hitting the staircase at an angle and the open door leading into a dark interior space seemed quite noir to me.

dramatic shadow

Lighting from one side: Lighting on the bridge was similar to the stairs above, but created a more lengthy shadow on one side of the walkway.

one side lighting

The “Venetian effect” (repeated geometric shadow): This was taken from inside of my dorm room and I’m glad that I was able to get both sources of light in one shot so that your eyes are drawn to multiple parts of the photo.

venetian blinds

Off-kilter camera angle: Taking an off-kilter photograph from the steps of this academic building played out well with the only light in the sky being cast by the moon.

off kilter

Noir Cat: I know Emilia isn’t the most sneaky or elusive cat, but she is definitely the easiest to photograph. She’s a typical black noir cat that just happens plop down in front of you whenever you want to walk somewhere. You shall not pass until she has been given a tummy rub.

noir cat