Creating Daily Creates!

After thinking of ideas for a while, I came up with these guidelines for possible Daily Creates to be implemented on the tdc site in the future. I wanted to create Daily Create ideas in more than one category and hopefully I’ve made them so that they can be completed in 20 minutes or less. I tested them out myself and both ideas worked out well.

1 Shape Picture
(drawing assignment) Create a drawing by using multiples of one type of shape. (all circles, stars, cats, etc.)

What are they thinking?
(photography assignment) Take a photo of something you think has a thing or two on its mind and caption it with their thoughts.

Noddy in the Garbage!

For the Save Noddy! Daily Create, I decided to show where I would take Noddy after removing him from the garbage. I’m pretty familiar with Noddy as a television character since I spent most of my childhood in England and I find him to be a charming fictional character for children. I took Noddy to a nearby bookstore after removing him from the dumpster to show him some books on how to stay out of dangerous situations, and the garbage.

Noddy with Books


Room to Grow

This blog post is about the Daily Create Your Own Words of Wisdom Inspirational Poster and I came up with this quote on the spot and I believe in it completely. What one person may think of as their limits, another may see that person as having untapped potential and limitless possibilities. I believe it is much easier for people to see the potential of others before they find the potential in themselves. I took this photo on a trip I took to France when I was living in England because I liked the flowing visual of the vines across the shot.


NoirCat Batman!

I don’t know too much about Batman, so I decided to incorporate an recurring noir106 character into the ’15 second Batman’ Daily Create. NoirCat has taken up the mantle of Batman in this quick drawing, and the cat is quite serious about completing its duties as a hero. I consider myself to be adequate in my drawing skills, so I enjoyed the challenge of creating a clearly identifiable character in a short amount of time.

NoirCat Batman

My First Daily Create

I was told by Kayleigh that a weekly assignment for this ‘ds106′ is Daily Creates, so my first Daily Create is the Breakfast Selfie, which was basically photographing what I ate for breakfast. I normally have a light breakfast of whatever fruit I have at home, toast with jam, and a cup of hot tea. Since I do not like having a strong online presence, Kayleigh has been nice enough to let me use her flickr and other online accounts so I can embed media into my blog posts on this site.

My Breakfast

Comedy Star

This star made out of newspaper comic strips was made for the Daily Create ‘Junk Mail art‘ to make art out of junk mail. My grandparents send me the comics from our local newspaper every weekend because I would always read them when I’m home. I lucked out because one of the comics had someone laughing, so I used that as the center for my star to stress that it’s a ‘comedy star’ and I used craft scissors to make the curvy edge designs.

Comedy Star

The Blurry Hero

For the Daily Create ‘Arty Blur photo‘ you have to take a photograph with an ‘artistic blur’ made with a slow shutter speed or by just wiggling the camera. I took this picture when I attended the convention Katsucon. I saw this person dressed as a cross between Iron Man and Umbreon and snapped a quick picture as they walked past me. At first, I wished that the photo had come out clearer, but then ended up liking the blurred effect, especially around the glowing lights of the suit. That, and this was just such a cool cosplay that this person made.

Iron Umbreon Blur


Today’s Daily Create was to Create a Lesson, so I decided to create a pictorial lesson on How To Draw a Cute Frog. This type of frog is very easy to draw and I doodle them a lot in my notebook. They are inspired by the design of the frogs in a manga series I have read and they are just too cute! You just have to draw a line with a bump on each side, connect the bumps with a circle, and then add the details of the face and feet, and coloring is always an option.

How to Draw a Cute Frog

The Sides of Me

For the my different sides Daily Create, you have to to make a photo collage of different sides of yourself. I put these photos together in Powerpoint and used photographs from after my senior year of high school. Most of these sides of me are at Mary Washington and include various clubs, CCC, social groups, and just events that are special to me like my trip to Europe, Halloween, and hanging out with friends. These are moments of the sides of me that I don’t want to forget as I graduate this year and I will continue to maintain these sides of me even after I graduate from the university.

sides of me