Two Cases, Two Personalities

The second half of this week has been exhausting, fulfilling and exciting, but tiring none the less. On Wednesday, the three Steadfast Sleuths met up to discuss what had happened the previous week such as Sarah’s poisoning and noir-y’s disappearance as well as the news concerning Shannon Mills’ escape from prison. After our meeting, we searched around for more clues concerning the Jack case while staying alert in case Shannon Mills suddenly showed up to make an attempt on Sasha’s life.

On Friday evening, Sarah and I went out to dinner while Sasha caught up on some work at the Steadfast Sleuths office. When we returned to the office after dinner, Emma was there with ice cream, but Sasha wasn’t with her so we became concerned. After talking with Emma, we realized that Sasha was walking into a trap set by Shannon, so we rushed to the rooftop that Emma mentioned, Emma remained at the office, of course, and we had her call the police. When we reached the roof, Sasha was unconscious and tied up while Shannon cornered us and the mysterious person recording our cases. After Shannon explained her plot, she lunged towards me to push me off of the roof, Jack intervened and in the ensuing struggle, Shannon fell off the roof to her death. I still can’t believe what happened next! Jack is Matthew, my lost little brother! Or rather Matthew became/created the personality of Jack after the trauma we endured as children. Thankfully, Matthew’s getting help controlling the more violent Jack personality and is wanting to be called Mack at the present. Also, Jack was the one who took noir-y and the unicorn has been safely returned to the agency. I hope we’ll be able to catch up soon or at least keep in contact if we decide to take different paths. At least we each know that the other is alive and well, that’s the most important thing.

Alright, I’ve just finished conversing with Sarah and our cats have gone missing! They must’ve escaped out of the office window; now we have to find Bailey and Pluto before they get themselves into trouble!

Mills Escaped!

We just found out that Shannon Mills has escaped from prison! The prison guards didn’t realize she was gone for over a week, probably due to the fact that one of the officers helped her in her escape. Sarah and I are worried that she’ll target Sasha again. Hopefully we’ll be able to solve the Jack case before Shannon appears. We are also still looking for noir-y, but no leads are popping up. It seems like we’ve hit a wall, but we’ll find a break in it eventually. Still no new news concerning my brother Matthew, but I’m still searching.

It’s All Coming Together

Finding clues for this week, creating blog posts on the Steadfast Sleuths blog site, and posting case updates on this site have been quite useful ways of spending my time and good ways of organizing the Steadfast Sleuths’ information regarding our current case. I helped with the process of creating the SS blog posts with the * by them and I feel that finding these pieces of information has been greatly helpful to our case about Jack. It has been difficult finding information about Jack since he’s so secretive, but I’m sure we’ll make more headway this coming week. I missed not having to do Daily Creates this week, but our case has kept us pretty busy. My favorite part of this week was investigating at the Multicultural Fair and I learned how to edit the sound of videos in Windows Movie Maker and how to edit sound over pre-existing background noise in videos. The Steadfast Sleuths work on the Jack Case has gone smoothly, especially with finding clues and using our Twitter hashtag #jackjackattack, with for unforeseen complications and I have no questions regarding our case. Hopefully, by the end of next week we will come close to solving the mystery of the identity of Jack and his relation to the ds106 community.

Case Updates
#1 Jack
#2 Fair

Steadfast Sleuth Blog Posts
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Voice Recordings
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Multicultural Fair*

wide eyed kittySee you next week!

Sleuthing at the Fair! (Case Update #2)

After finding the message in the ITCC earlier this week, Sarah, Sasha, and I went to the Multicultural Fair in order to locate Jack. While we did enjoy the performances and vendors at the fair, our main objective was locating and learning more about Jack. We saw Black during our investigation, so we figured that we were on the right track. Hopefully, our next update will provide us with more clues in solving this case. On another note, the man who said that he knew something about my brother told me that Matthew was alive and has been tracked to this area, so maybe I’ll finally be able to see him again…if this information is accurate of course.

Who is Jack? (Case Update #1)

Tonight was the first night that the Steadfast Sleuths have been able to meet up because Sarah has been poisoned! Sasha, Sarah, and I went out to dinner Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Sarah and I ordered the restaurant’s special while Sasha ordered a salmon salad. Our specials each came with brussel sprouts as a side, which I didn’t end up eating because I am allergic to brussel sprouts. Sarah and Sasha ate their meals while I avoided my brussel sprouts, and afterwards we all spent the night at Sarah’s home. In the middle of the night, Sarah suddenly became violently ill so Sasha and I rushed her to the hospital. In the morning, the doctors told us that the brussel sprouts we had ordered the night before had been poisoned, but the poison was slow-acting so we had brought Sarah to the hospital before she had reached a critical condition. Because this poisoning coincided with the Sleuths accepting the You Don’t Know Jack case makes it highly probable that Jack is behind this. Sarah is now well enough to help Sasha and I with the case so we’ll begin our investigation in the morning after our initial meeting tonight. We will need to be more cautious as we delve further into this case since we know so little about this Jack character and what he is capable of.