The Second Adventure of the Steadfast Sleuths

Hello, this is Shelley Layton. I guess I’m in charge of the weekly summaries for ds106 as well. My first week being immersed in ds106 has been a great experience. The assignments this week were manageable while balancing my work load in the Steadfast Sleuths. Getting used to using a computer for my assignments was my biggest obstacle, but I learned how to use movie editing programs in the process and I greatly enjoyed my interview with the ds106 instructors and constructing my answers was enjoyable as well. The Daily Creates were also nice and I especially liked drawing NoirCat Batman.

There isn’t much I would have changed about my work this week, other than unforeseen computer difficulties, but that’s not something you can do much about. I’ve been learning as I’ve experimented more with different programs, so I have no urgent questions to ask or issues with my work to express. The video of The Steadfast Sleuths chronicling our latest case was edited by Kim, Lauren, and Kayleigh this week and it came out really well through them editing the scenes together in the Windows Live Movie Maker program and uploading the final product to Youtube and it is embedded in this post. I believe that the video accurately portrays the highs and lows of our case and the continues the development of the relationships between Sarah, Sasha, and myself. I look forward to continuing my work with The Steadfast Sleuths as well as working in the ds106 community.

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My Interview
Our Agency
Case Progress

Daily Creates:

2nd Case of The Steadfast Sleuths

nyankoSee you next week!

Busy, Busy Week

Sorry for putting all of the progress in one report, but this week has been pretty busy with the Steadfast Sleuths being called up for more cases since the Shannon Mills case. Apparently, someone decided to follow us on one of our cases and record it, not very professional, but Sasha convinced us into giving our permission, saying it would bring good publicity. So this is how our most recently documented case went:

On Tuesday, Sarah, Sasha, and I met up to discuss our plan for executing our approach to this ‘missing person’ case. On Wednesday and Thursday, we made headway on our case and managed to solve the case before the culprit escaped. A sudden revelation ended that case and I am currently investigating it in private before bringing in Sarah and Sasha into something that may just be a hoax. I think I’m getting the hang of blogging. It’s almost like working on a typewriter, but you don’t need to scroll back or use correction fluid, which is very helpful.

The lovely ds106ers Kayleigh, Kim, and Lauren helped the mysterious camerawoman edit our case by splitting up the locations, which they are calling ‘scenes’ and our entire case video will be uploaded tonight.

The Sleuths Are Now On Screen!

Our radio show group decided to team up again for this video project on Monday. We started throwing around different plot ideas for the show on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday was the day where we worked out the plot, different scenes, and locations where we can shoot the video. We then split up the scenes among the three of us to write and input the dialogue of the script into a shared Google doc by Saturday and figured out what our schedule for shooting and editing for the upcoming week will be. We will rent equipment from the ITCC for filming and may try to edit on the computers there as well. Our plot for the Steadfast Sleuths video is a follow-up story to the cliffhanger at the end of our radio show and hopefully all will go smoothly in the following week.

Steadfast Sleuths Episode Trailer!!

The Steadfast Sleuths are back together for their second case. Whose body was found in Sasha Kellogg’s apartment? What new adventure awaits the trio in the second installment of the Steadfast Sleuths?! Find out next Sunday as our group compiles the footage from their latest case.

I found the background music “confused piano” on freesound and combined it with the ending lines from the Steadfast Sleuths radio show. I created the text slides and the Sleuth slide and used part of a video Lauren shot, with her permission. I then edited together these slides in Windows Live Movie Maker, added transition effects and side effects, and make the trailer black and white. I’m glad our group and our characters are able to be part of another collaborative project.