Final Sleuth Update and DS106 Blog Post

Well, this has been an exciting week to say the least. Pluto and Bailey go missing and Sasha, Sarah, and I had to fling ourselves into the 21st century to find them. When we arrived in this current time, we found a note left by Sarah’s cat Bailey left us a note explaining that he and Pluto accidentally entered the time portal which led to 2015. We used the note to locate the owners of Lily, Katherine and Dana James, who happened to be the future grandchildren of Sarah! It seems that we can’t solve a case without running into someone’s family. They weren’t sure where Pluto and Bailey went, but then they popped up on the television, by the way, there are so many channels and colors now! We then raced over to the cat studio mentioned in the commercial starring the cats and the Sleuths decided that we would stay in this time with our cats. The Steadfast Sleuths will continue working together in 2015 after we find a place to stay, Sarah’s grandchildren are helping us with that. I will definitely start attempting to figure out a way that we can stay connected to our time while staying in this one, because we all still have people we care about in the past. Until the Steadfast Sleuths finish setting up our office, this may be my last post for a while, so I look forward to what the future may hold for us!

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Concerning DS106/Noir106

Is it okay if I say I love everything about this class? The overall theme of noir intertwined very well with the changes in assignments each week. With one week focusing on noir in film and another focusing on noir in design and photography, the core subject was the same but used enough variety to keep things feeling new and non-repetitive. I would suggest that future DS106 students should get to know a few people in the class either before the class starts or during the first few weeks because knowing the people you will work with in group projects was very important and helpful to our group when discussing the format of our projects and when we could meet. The only other thing that I say would need improving would be communication between the professor and the students. This doesn’t need to change drastically. An email halfway through the semester, perhaps after the midterm assignment, can help students taking the class figure out if there is anything they need to improve upon or if they are doing everything correctly. The content of the class was wonderful and I was able to learn a lot about digital media. I didn’t even have a Twitter, gmail, or blog before this class started! I feel that I’ve attained useful skills pertaining to digital media and editing software/programs in this class that will help me with my future endeavors academically, professionally, and personally.

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Kiss Me Deadly Analyzed!

Uploading this video has been very, very frustrating. I was going to record my voice over the video at first, but then my computer tells me that my recording device isn’t working for some reason, so I added text to the video instead and kept the scene’s background music. Then, when I uploaded the video file into media player, the movie would not play and is having some troubles on Youtube. The video did upload on this blog page, but I’m not entirely sure it will play.

I located the opening scene of Kiss Me Deadly on Youtube and edited the scene in Windows Live Movie Maker and added in text regarding my analysis of the scene.

My Analysis if the video doesn’t work:

Hello, this video is part of a class assignment where I watched the film Kiss Me Deadly and referenced filmmaking techniques found in class readings to analyze one of the scenes of the movie Kiss Me Deadly. The tempo of the scene is apparent right away because of the rushed, chaotic music accompanied by the visual of a terrified woman quickly approaching the screen. This long take starts with a high angle shot of someone running along the road barefoot and only shows there legs to accentuate the point that she’s in a hurry. Then we move to the woman’s upper body and feel her negative emotions as she runs from the background to the foreground while trying to hail a passing car. As she runs closer, more light shines on her and she feels more dominant in the shot.

While the woman is running, she runs at an angle from the left side of the screen towards the center of the screen to enhance her prominence in the scene. According to the filmmaking technique of intrinsic weighting, someone to the left of the center will feel more negative than someone on the right of the center. This technique is obvious as the woman is running with the chaotic music in the background and continued presence on the left side of the screen, even as she talks to the man in the car. I’ve cut the credits short to show this. The credits are forced into the foreground by the lack of lighting on the backs of the characters in the car contrasting with the large white letters scrolling down the screen.

The Sleuths Are Now On Screen!

Our radio show group decided to team up again for this video project on Monday. We started throwing around different plot ideas for the show on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday was the day where we worked out the plot, different scenes, and locations where we can shoot the video. We then split up the scenes among the three of us to write and input the dialogue of the script into a shared Google doc by Saturday and figured out what our schedule for shooting and editing for the upcoming week will be. We will rent equipment from the ITCC for filming and may try to edit on the computers there as well. Our plot for the Steadfast Sleuths video is a follow-up story to the cliffhanger at the end of our radio show and hopefully all will go smoothly in the following week.

Clue Party

This week I listened in and tweeted about the “Dinner Party at 6″ radio show broadcast on Thursday. I was really excited when I found out it was based on the movie Clue, which is one of my favorite films. The sound effects used in the dining room sequence, including the silverware and the thunderstorm sounds, reminded me a lot of the dining room scene in Clue where the characters are awkwardly trying to make small talk and figure out each other’s identities and worked very well based on the mood and building tension among the guests. I also like that each character was given a short backstory to explain why they are at the dinner party and some aspects of their personalities, like the politician Rex being very loud and authoritative while the hacker Nicolette was more in control and logical. Unfortunately, because there were so many characters, it was sometimes difficult to keep track of who was talking to who, but the commercial breaks and Skype session after the show were very helpful when figuring out the details of the story. The commercials, especially Wendy Washington baked goods with the “they’re to die for” sales pitch, were spaced throughout the show well for the large group and advertised noir items and other ads with a comedic flare. Overall, this was a great radio show and I’m looking forward to a possible part two since we were left on a cliffhanger.

Inspired by: Mia Boleis and Kelsey Roach

Mia and Kelsey’s You’re Invited design assignment inspired me through their successful use of the design elements of color and typography to greatly enhance a design that was already considered professional. They collaborated on this assignment so well together and their designs are so cohesive with each other that they inspire me to collaborate with other ds106ers to create something as cohesive and wonderfully designed as they have with someone else. The invitation and the RSVP card for this make believe wedding are fantastic and I hope that Mia and Kelsey are able to collaborate together again in the future.

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Inspired by: Lauren Falkenstein

Lauren’s noir Valentine inspires me because it makes me smile every time I look at it because I watched Double Indemnity for ds106 and shortly afterwards I saw this and laughed because it makes a great Valentine’s Day card. The creative use of the quotes and the pink coloration of the text to match the traditional colors of Valentine’s Day all went into the creation of this work. The cleverness of using this scene from the movie as a Valentine card has inspired me to look in more obscure places more inspiration when completing assignments.

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Inspired by: Kim Roehl

Kim’s cereal commercial for Kellogg’s Cocoa Kitties is one of my favorite assignments I’ve listened to this semester because of the thought that went into creating this commercial. The suspenseful sound effects, and dialogue along make it a very believable advertisement. The chocolate cat and raspberry cereal that can “bring out your noir side” also connects with her character since she is part of the Kellogg family. The sound effects, content, and the connection with her character make this commercial a standard for people to work towards and has inspired me to create better work.

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An End to Noir Cats

To recap, during the first week as a radio show group, we created the plot for the show, wrote the script, and almost finished recording the dialogue. On Monday, I recorded my last scene with Lauren and our group completed the dialogue for the radio show scenes on Monday. We then split the scenes evenly among the three of us, three scenes each, and we gave ourselves until Wednesday evening to edit these scenes by adding sound effects, background music, and clearing up the audio.

When we met on Wednesday, Kim and I uploaded our scenes to Soundcloud, Lauren downloaded them, and we decided on what music we should for transitions between scenes on Lauren’s computer and Kim recorded the introduction to the radio show. We completed most of the radio show that night, and Lauren worked on making everything sound well together into Thursday. The Steadfast Sleuths was complete on Thursday and this was a really fun project to work on. Take a listen below:

Our Completed Radio Show:

The Beginning of The Steadfast Sleuths

Our group, titled Josie and the Noir Cats, is made up of myself (Kayleigh), Lauren, and Kim. We already knew each other outside of class so we formed our group fairly quickly. Our group met for our first long session on Wednesday of this week. During this time, we created the characters, plot, and name for our radio show, The Steadfast Sleuths. Then, we created different scenes for the characters to interact in within the radio show. We were then each assigned to write the dialogue and background audio for three scenes by this past Friday. We then met up again on Friday afternoon to edit our separate scripts together into one and began recording dialogue in the scenes. We finished recording the dialogue for about 85% of our show and next week we will be focusing on editing the audio and adding in sound effects and music. We also split up the audio assignments so that each of us can create at least one commercial and one radio bumper for the show. So far, we are on the right track and I feel that we can complete this radio show with no foreseeable problems. My other assignments that contributed to the radio show are my commercial , a voicemail left by Shelley, and a ds106 radio bumper.

Double Design

For observing the design elements of film noir, I watched the noir film Double Indemnity. The city of Los Angeles frames the noir design of this movie is subtle ways like the California Spanish style houses, the skyline shot of LA, and the casual mention of LA neighborhoods like Glendale and Hollywood. The urban night-scene of LA and the late night phone call in the insurance office before the flashback are the most noir aspects of the movie concerning Los Angeles.The use of closed spaces in the movie such as the insurance offices and homes of the main man and woman help to create the tension common in noir films because the characters have to be in close proximity with each other whether they want to or not. The urban space also frames noir well because of the closeness of people. The use of a flashback being a majority of the movie, the constant experience of Venetian blinds, and the dramatic, sharp music contrasting with scenes of almost no background noise are all elements of noir that cannot be constrained to a particular time and place. This can also be said about the stark contrasts of light and shadow when playing with colors in a black and white film.