Comfy, Cute Heels

The Daily Create “A unique #heelconcept”┬áprompts the viewer to take a photo of a unique #Heelconcept of using an everyday object as a heel. These three were already sitting as a pyramid in my house, so I figured that they would make a sturdy and comfortable heel. Not to mention that the heel is made of adorable Disney characters! I also wanted to use multi-colored objects for the heel so for that reason and the fact that they are easily stackable, are the reasons why I chose to make the heel out of Disney tsum-tsums.

Disney Heel

4 thoughts on “Comfy, Cute Heels”

  1. I love your idea! Not only does your heel provide comfort, it is absolutely adorable. I thought this Daily Create was so interesting and if I had not already done my three for the week, I would have loved to do it! Keeping them in the pyramid like you found them in your house, made the ideal heal concept!

  2. This is so cute! I like how you stacked a few different objects to make your heel. A lot of people (including myself) just used one object, but I like it with multiple. Makes me think of an actual stack heel! Good job!!

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