An Emoji Story

For the “Are you up for some emojination?” Daily Create, I used the random emoji generator to produce five image prompts that I turned into the short story below. The first couple of times that the images were generated, I ended up getting a majority of emotional faces, but I wanted a prompt with more concrete objects than emotions. It took a few times for me to generate images that I felt that I could create an effective story for, and this is the result.

emoji story prompt

She was sitting at the cafe by the tennis courts, eating a delicious piece of cake while her friend enjoyed a yummy flan. While the two were absent-mindedly talking about their favorite trumpet players, a stray tennis ball suddenly bounced onto the table, knocking the woman’s glass of water onto her lap. As she struggled to find her napkin to wipe up the mess, an extended hand offered her a towel.
“Sorry, my fault,” said the blonde man apologetically.
“It’s fine, no harm done,” she responded with a smile.

3 thoughts on “An Emoji Story”

  1. This was such a cute little story. I love emojis, I was really upset when I missed this daily create this week! Great job though! :)

  2. This was a really cute story to go along with your emojis! I was so upset when I missed this daily create because I love emojis!

  3. Great job with the story plot! It has been fun seeing how people work with the different emojis and I love your representation. I don’t know how I would have combined trumpets and tennis but you did a fabulous job with them. I had to click through about a dozen different emojis until I found the rights set.

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