NoirCat Batman!

I don’t know too much about Batman, so I decided to incorporate an recurring noir106 character into the ’15 second Batman’ Daily Create. NoirCat has taken up the mantle of Batman in this quick drawing, and the cat is quite serious about completing its duties as a hero. I consider myself to be adequate in my drawing skills, so I enjoyed the challenge of creating a clearly identifiable character in a short amount of time.

NoirCat Batman

5 thoughts on “NoirCat Batman!”

  1. YESS a cat-batman is the best thing that could happen in this assignment. I mentioned on someone else’s blog that I have been loving all the variety of batman’s but this is one of my favorite!

  2. So noir cat + batman = adorable!It’s nice how you have incorporated the noir theme of the class into your daily creates. I am totally convinced noir cat batman goes out and fights crime at night!

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