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This week contained a majority of online assignments or web-based assignments and I enjoyed being able to expand my knowledge through learning how to embed word documents and how to edit the colors and visual effects of an image in Powerpoint. The only thing that gave me trouble this week was attempting to figure out how to create a clear background behind an image in the program Paint while still keeping part of the image, but I was able to figure this out after some fiddling around. I really enjoyed collaborating with Sasha and Sarah again this week to create The Steadfast Sleuths website and blog and inputting my personal information. Now we have a place for potential clients to learn about our agency and contact us. I would have added a little more information to my resume and my Pinterest dream vacation if given the chance, but I wouldn’t change much else I did this week. I really enjoyed putting together my dream vacation to Japan on Pinterest. I found so many new places I hadn’t even thought of visiting on the site. Hopefully, the Steadfast Sleuths will continue collaborating on our assignments and building up our blog together.

Steadfast Sleuth Website

Pinterest Vacation
10 Second Thanks

Daily Creates

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konachan-com-animal-azumanga-daioh-cat-kamineko-white-cat-2104665245See you next week!

My Resume

This post contains my, Shelley Layton’s, current job resume for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the Character Resume Web Assignment and when I happened upon the assignment I realized that I needed to update my resume anyway due to my moving to San Francisco and becoming a part of the Steadfast Sleuths. I created my resume in a Microsoft Word document and embedded the file into this blog post. Updating my resume made me realize how far I have come in the past year and I’m hoping that my career will keep heading in the positive direction it is now.

Shelley Resume

Assignment Value: 3 stars

I’m Thankful

For the 10 Seconds of Thanks Visual Assignment, I thought of what I was thankful for in my daily life personally and in business. I wrote what I am thankful for directly into this post and also posted a photograph of a 10 second pen drawing of me. This assignment made me realize what I thought was most important to me by forcing me to think of them within a very small time frame and I enjoyed the challenge.

10 Second

I’m Thankful for:
Good in the world
Good friends
Bad liars
Good liars
Pluto, cats in general
Second chances

Assignment Value: 2.5 stars

My Dream Trip

For the Dream Vacation on Pinterest Web Assignment, I created a Pinterest board through Kayleigh’s Pinterest account detailing my dream vacation that I eventually would like to take to Japan. I first became interested in Japanese culture as I was learning the Japanese language during my time as a student at the University of London. Then when I moved out here to San Francisco, I learned much more about Japanese culture that I became interested in, the festivals, popular travel destinations, and the absurd amount of cats.

I have no particular order in which I would like to do things, but I definitely want to visit each of the places mentioned for a specific reason. Also, this could either be a trip I take alone or Sarah and Sasha could come too if they are interested. In Tokyo, I’d like to go to a cat cafe, go to hanami, also called cherry blossom viewing, and to go shopping for myself and for souvenirs for friends. In Kyoto, I would visit the Infinity Cafe and figure out which types of Japanese tea I prefer. The place I want to visit the most is Fukuoka Island, where semi-wild cats roam freely across the island and it would be so much fun to be surrounded by dozens of cats. There is also a similar island filled with rabbits called Okunoshima. To take a break from the more relaxing parts of the trip, I’m debating on visiting/investigating Aokigahara, the “suicide forest”, where multiple people enter each year and never return alive. If this venture proves to be too dangerous, I also plan to explore Hashima, an abandoned coal mining island off of the coast of Japan, which is a completely abandoned city which once held thousands of inhabitants. Finally, I would visit Kinokawa City to see Tama, the cat train station master and walk through the Wisteria Flower Tunnel at the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan. Of course, this vacation is still only a concept at best and will need much more thorough information before becoming a reality.

Assignment Value: 3 Stars

Watch Patents

For the Patent Pending Visual Assignment, I felt that I would hang some old patent drawings of pocket watches on my walls at my home or in the Steadfast Sleuths office. I found the pocket watch and stopwatch images through a Google image search and used the photo-editing elements of Powerpoint to make the patents look older and newer by altering the color of the paper, making the drawing lines appear darker or faded, and stuck the two images side by side as they would be together in one frame. My parents gave me a pocket watch when I was a child and patent drawings such as these are helpful for figuring out what is wrong with the watch if it’s broken. Also, looking at the intricate work that goes into creating something so small but important in our daily lives is fascinating to think about.

Patent Watch Drawings

Assignment Value: 2 Stars

Noddy in the Garbage!

For the Save Noddy! Daily Create, I decided to show where I would take Noddy after removing him from the garbage. I’m pretty familiar with Noddy as a television character since I spent most of my childhood in England and I find him to be a charming fictional character for children. I took Noddy to a nearby bookstore after removing him from the dumpster to show him some books on how to stay out of dangerous situations, and the garbage.

Noddy with Books


The Second Adventure of the Steadfast Sleuths

Hello, this is Shelley Layton. I guess I’m in charge of the weekly summaries for ds106 as well. My first week being immersed in ds106 has been a great experience. The assignments this week were manageable while balancing my work load in the Steadfast Sleuths. Getting used to using a computer for my assignments was my biggest obstacle, but I learned how to use movie editing programs in the process and I greatly enjoyed my interview with the ds106 instructors and constructing my answers was enjoyable as well. The Daily Creates were also nice and I especially liked drawing NoirCat Batman.

There isn’t much I would have changed about my work this week, other than unforeseen computer difficulties, but that’s not something you can do much about. I’ve been learning as I’ve experimented more with different programs, so I have no urgent questions to ask or issues with my work to express. The video of The Steadfast Sleuths chronicling our latest case was edited by Kim, Lauren, and Kayleigh this week and it came out really well through them editing the scenes together in the Windows Live Movie Maker program and uploading the final product to Youtube and it is embedded in this post. I believe that the video accurately portrays the highs and lows of our case and the continues the development of the relationships between Sarah, Sasha, and myself. I look forward to continuing my work with The Steadfast Sleuths as well as working in the ds106 community.

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My Interview
Our Agency
Case Progress

Daily Creates:

2nd Case of The Steadfast Sleuths

nyankoSee you next week!

Interviewing Shelley Layton

The instructors of ds106 found it to be important to individually interview each member of noir106. I sat down with them today for a casual interview about myself. I feel that the interview went well and that I’ve learned more about the purpose and inner workings of ds106. A few of the questions were strange, but I never felt that they purposefully invaded my privacy or made me feel uncomfortable. I look forward to taking part in more ds106 activities and continuing to work with my fellow Steadfast Sleuths within the ds106 community.

Room to Grow

This blog post is about the Daily Create Your Own Words of Wisdom Inspirational Poster and I came up with this quote on the spot and I believe in it completely. What one person may think of as their limits, another may see that person as having untapped potential and limitless possibilities. I believe it is much easier for people to see the potential of others before they find the potential in themselves. I took this photo on a trip I took to France when I was living in England because I liked the flowing visual of the vines across the shot.