Two Cases, Two Personalities

The second half of this week has been exhausting, fulfilling and exciting, but tiring none the less. On Wednesday, the three Steadfast Sleuths met up to discuss what had happened the previous week such as Sarah’s poisoning and noir-y’s disappearance as well as the news concerning Shannon Mills’ escape from prison. After our meeting, we searched around for more clues concerning the Jack case while staying alert in case Shannon Mills suddenly showed up to make an attempt on Sasha’s life.

On Friday evening, Sarah and I went out to dinner while Sasha caught up on some work at the Steadfast Sleuths office. When we returned to the office after dinner, Emma was there with ice cream, but Sasha wasn’t with her so we became concerned. After talking with Emma, we realized that Sasha was walking into a trap set by Shannon, so we rushed to the rooftop that Emma mentioned, Emma remained at the office, of course, and we had her call the police. When we reached the roof, Sasha was unconscious and tied up while Shannon cornered us and the mysterious person recording our cases. After Shannon explained her plot, she lunged towards me to push me off of the roof, Jack intervened and in the ensuing struggle, Shannon fell off the roof to her death. I still can’t believe what happened next! Jack is Matthew, my lost little brother! Or rather Matthew became/created the personality of Jack after the trauma we endured as children. Thankfully, Matthew’s getting help controlling the more violent Jack personality and is wanting to be called Mack at the present. Also, Jack was the one who took noir-y and the unicorn has been safely returned to the agency. I hope we’ll be able to catch up soon or at least keep in contact if we decide to take different paths. At least we each know that the other is alive and well, that’s the most important thing.

Alright, I’ve just finished conversing with Sarah and our cats have gone missing! They must’ve escaped out of the office window; now we have to find Bailey and Pluto before they get themselves into trouble!

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