Who is Jack? (Case Update #1)

Tonight was the first night that the Steadfast Sleuths have been able to meet up because Sarah has been poisoned! Sasha, Sarah, and I went out to dinner Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Sarah and I ordered the restaurant’s special while Sasha ordered a salmon salad. Our specials each came with brussel sprouts as a side, which I didn’t end up eating because I am allergic to brussel sprouts. Sarah and Sasha ate their meals while I avoided my brussel sprouts, and afterwards we all spent the night at Sarah’s home. In the middle of the night, Sarah suddenly became violently ill so Sasha and I rushed her to the hospital. In the morning, the doctors told us that the brussel sprouts we had ordered the night before had been poisoned, but the poison was slow-acting so we had brought Sarah to the hospital before she had reached a critical condition. Because this poisoning coincided with the Sleuths accepting the You Don’t Know Jack case makes it highly probable that Jack is behind this. Sarah is now well enough to help Sasha and I with the case so we’ll begin our investigation in the morning after our initial meeting tonight. We will need to be more cautious as we delve further into this case since we know so little about this Jack character and what he is capable of.


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