Collage-Constructing Tutorial

This tutorial is for the 3D Magazine Collage design assignment in the DS106 Assignment Bank. This tutorial only shows the steps I took when making the sculpture

What You Need:
-magazines/newspapers, preferably about something that interests you
-glue/Mod Podge (tape, if needed)
-something to use as a base for your sculpture ex: paper mache, construction paper, etc.)

First, you will need to create the base of your sculpture. With mine, I first decided what shape I wanted the sculpture to be, a K for my name, cut out the pieces from construction paper, glued the pieces together and let it dry.
While the sculpture is drying, start flipping through your magazines and other papers and cut out images, words, and articles that go with your theme. Make sure that you have enough to cover the entire sculpture.
Next, use an adhesive like Mod Podge to start collaging your pieces onto the sculpture base. After all of the pieces are glued on, let the sculpture sit to dry.
Finally, upload a photo of your sculpture and a description of why you made it onto your blog post and tag it to the 3D Magazine Collage assignment.
Now you’re finished with the assignment and have a nice piece of art!

The Sleuths’ Business Card

I had already completed the bad guy business card assignment, so I was inspired to create a business card for the Steadfast Sleuths as well. I adapted the Create Your Own Business Card assignment to fit this week’s objective of having all of the assignments relate to multiple noir106 characters. I incorporated all of the Steadfast Sleuths’ names into the business card as well as one of the lines from our radio show. Because they move around so often, The Sleuths usually give out the cards themselves and are found in the phone book or at the police station for contact. Compared to the villain card, I decided to use similar font in the magnifying glass, which I found in an online search, and used a more curvy and less aggressive font for the name of the PI group. The card was designed and edited in Photoshop and then uploaded to Flickr. The clean and simple design of the card is supposed to be a foil of Shannon Mills’ text-filled card, but the two still have a similar color scheme.

SS Business Card

Assignment Value: 2 stars

Mills’ Business Card

When I saw this assignment for creating a business card for a bad guy, I knew that I had to create a business card for Shannon Mills, the villain of the Steadfast Sleuths and more specifically, Sasha Kellogg. The inspiration for this card came from our group’s radio show, because Sarah and Shelley are given a business card for Shannon Mills during the show and I used that as a template for the design, including name, occupation, and phone number. I found the perfect background image for the card off of a Google image search and created the rest of the card in Photoshop. I used this image because of the dark mood set by the text with words such as crime, horror, etc. I created the card using Photoshop and then uploaded it to Flickr. I found that white text on a black background popped out more than the opposite, since the background image is all newspaper, and I really like how the text and colors work well with one another in creating the card.

Shannon Mills Business Card

Assignment Value: 2 stars

A Minimalist Murder Mystery

I’ve always thought minimalist posters were an artistic and creative way to show the plot/main focus of a story through only a few shapes and colors. For this assignment, “Minimalist TV/Movie Poster” we were to create a poster that captures a story through minimalist design and iconography. I decided to use the movie Clue as my inspiration because I felt that the characters and their corresponding murder weapons are central to the film and the board game it is based on. I was wanted to use a film with noir elements for this assignment. Even though Clue is a comedy, some aspects of it lend themselves to film noir, like the atmosphere of a dark and stormy night at a large mansion, murder, and the femme fatale character of Ms. Scarlet. I created this poster by using icons from The Noun Project website and the Clue logo from another movie poster and editing them on a template in Photoshop. I edited the murder weapons to be the same color as the person who receives them in the film and made the majority of the poster black so that the weapons stand out on the white strip cutting the poster in two. The Clue logo I kept red because it contrasts well with black and catches your eye quickly. I then made the poster a jpeg and uploaded it to Flickr and this blog.

Clue Minimalist Poster

Assignment Value: 3 1/2 stars

4 Icons, Can you guess the movie?

For this Design Assignment, titled “One Story/Four Icons”, people were to reduce a story, movie, or event into their main focus and find four icons that visualized the focus. I used the website mentioned in the assignment posting to find my icons and then I put these visuals together in Photoshop and created a jpeg of them. I decided to complete this assignment because I had seen this design technique in the past when describing a movie or a book and found it to be a clever way of getting people interested in the story or showing people who had already heard the story, what its basic elements are. I had thought of a few movies I could try to visualize for this design, but eventually ended up using this story. The two hints I will give for this assignment are that what is being iconized is an animated movie released within the last seven years.

What Movie Could This Be?

Assignment Value: 2 1/2 stars

On the case, On my desktop

For the Design Assignment, “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper”, the assignment was to create a wallpaper for ds106 using a digital imaging software. This wallpaper for ds106 focuses on this semester’s theme of noir106 and I also incorporated some imagery so the wallpaper could connect with my original character. I chose to do this assignment because it was recommended by the class instructors and I wanted to create a few different designs I had in my head and see if they would work for this project. When creating this wallpaper, I searched for images of a dark urban scene, detectives, and cats on google, uploaded the photos into Photoshop and edited them by burning, blurring, darkening, and changing the size of images and made the text of “DS106” and an image of a shadow semi-transparent. Finally, I uploaded the image to Flickr and this page. I wanted the wallpaper look like a scene at night where Shelley would be walking through the city, looking for evidence and leads for her cases.

Final noir wallpaper

Assignment Value: 4 stars

Shelley Sticker

The purpose of this Design Assignment titled “Bumper Sticker” was to create our own bumper sticker and I decided to connect the bumper sticker to my character, Shelley Layton. The bumper sticker acts as an advertisement for her private detective work and the bright color of the sticker makes it catch your attention and read the message. I decided to use cursive writing on the sticker to make it look more professional looking and appropriate to the time period when she lived, 1920s-1930s.
I created this bumper sticker by creating a bumper sticker shaped template in Photoshop, finding and uploading a picture from the internet into the template, coloring the background, and creating text for the message of the bumper sticker. I then changed the Photoshop file into a jpeg, posted it on Flickr, and uploaded the link to this blog post.

Shelley Bumper Sticker

Assignment Value: 3 1/2 stars