Collage-Constructing Tutorial

This tutorial is for the 3D Magazine Collage design assignment in the DS106 Assignment Bank. This tutorial only shows the steps I took when making the sculpture

What You Need:
-magazines/newspapers, preferably about something that interests you
-glue/Mod Podge (tape, if needed)
-something to use as a base for your sculpture ex: paper mache, construction paper, etc.)

First, you will need to create the base of your sculpture. With mine, I first decided what shape I wanted the sculpture to be, a K for my name, cut out the pieces from construction paper, glued the pieces together and let it dry.
While the sculpture is drying, start flipping through your magazines and other papers and cut out images, words, and articles that go with your theme. Make sure that you have enough to cover the entire sculpture.
Next, use an adhesive like Mod Podge to start collaging your pieces onto the sculpture base. After all of the pieces are glued on, let the sculpture sit to dry.
Finally, upload a photo of your sculpture and a description of why you made it onto your blog post and tag it to the 3D Magazine Collage assignment.
Now you’re finished with the assignment and have a nice piece of art!