Ideas and Collages

In this post, I’ve included the assignment descriptions for two assignments that I have created on the DS106 Assignment Bank website. Both ended up being design assignments, mostly because those have been my favorite assignments to work on.

3D Magazine Collage

Take some of your old magazines and newspapers and create a 2D or 3D collage/sculpture of words and pictures that represent a common theme (ex: color, media subject such as animals or food, things you like, etc.). Explain why you chose your theme and what some of the individual pieces mean to you.
(I want to go back and edit this so someone could only make a 3D sculpture for the assignment, but I think once the assignment is submitted, it can only be edited by faculty.)

What are you selling?

Is there something that you wish existed in the world, but so far it’s only an idea in our head? For this assignment, create a poster advertising a fictional product designed by you. Create the poster by using an editing program like Photoshop or drawing the design and creating a tangible poster. Try answering questions like who the product is for and how will it benefit the person who buys it, in your design.

The Radio Show Has Just Begun!

My favorite part of this week was meeting up with my radio show group and planning what the show was going to be about, as well as writing and recording most of the show. Seeing all of our ideas come together in a single script was pretty satisfying and having our friends record their voices for characters in our show was a fun experience. I feel that I sufficiently completed the requirements for assignments this week and that my radio show group has a good head start for editing our show, The Steadfast Sleuths. The only thing that gave me trouble this week was minimizing background noise in my voice recordings, but I eventually found ways to fix them through editing or re-recording the audio in a different space. I learned how to alter the pitch speed, and tempo of audio files in Audacity.

This week I listened in to ds106 radio on Monday and tweeted alongside the radio show of “Strangers on a Train”. I’m happy with the ending, but think that the main character let the villain push them around too easily and have too much control over their situation. I can’t think of anything I would do differently in my assignments this week other than fiddling around more with Photoshop and Audacity. I still can’t figure out how to alter the overall clock on my website and I have no questions concerning class materials or assignments at the moment. I will continue experimenting with how to properly give credit to someone who’s work I am using, because I feel that I’m doing it correctly but still want to be on the safe side. Overall, I really enjoyed completing this week’s assignments and beginning the radio show process this week and hope that the latter part of creating the radio show will be as enjoyable as this past week’s work on the show.

Audio Assignments:
Shelley Song
Other Assignments:
Radio Show Week 1
Radio Show Promo
Comment 1Comment 2Comment 3Comment 4Comment 5Comment 6Comment 7Comment 8Comment 9Comment 10

JiJi__by_hayao_miyazaki_loverSee you next week!

The Sounds of Noir

This week’s overall theme for noir106 was Audio Storytelling, how you can tell a story with sounds/audio and how audio can affect a story. I feel like a completed the requirements for assignments this week better than I have for the past weeks because I started working on multiple assignments early in the week and managed to complete many of them by Friday evening. The only thing that gave me trouble this week was figuring out how to use Audacity, but that was only because I hadn’t used the program before and there was a lot to learn about through trial and error. The Audio Resources page and tutorial videos for Audacity helped a great deal when figuring out how to edit audio files.  I also feel that any issues in my audio assignments that I have this week will disappear as I work more with Audacity and learn how to smooth out minor problems in my audio assignments.

I learned how influential audio can be in film and radio settings by listening to and analyzing the audio of a program on ds106 radio. I don’t think I would do any of my work this week differently other than doing another Daily Create because I feel that they are an enjoyable, short assignment that is fun to do even when I’ve met the weekly quota. A question I have is that I haven’t been able to figure out how to easily link my blog posts to other social media sites without just copying and pasting the URL. My favorite assignment this week was creating the sound effects story as an Audio Assignment for my character because as soon as I read the what the assignment entailed, I knew almost right away what scene I wanted to create. I figured that many people would put their character in a dramatic situation compared to a calmer one, so I wanted show that even characters with dramatic lives can have ordinary moments to enjoy in their lives. I greatly enjoyed learning about the importance of audio in film noir and radio and look forward to learning about audio more in depth this coming week.

Daily Creates:
I’m Sorry

Audio Assignments:
Sound Effects Story
Emotions Through Sound
Reverse Audio

Brainstorming for Radio Show
Radio Bumper
Audio Storytelling Post

Grumpy Panda

The Daily Create for today is titled “I’m Sorry” and the goal was to create a picture with the words on it and the words were , “I’m sorry”. Everyone has a day where they just wake up in a bad mood and don’t feel like like putting effort into their day. You regret being grumpy afterwords, but in the moment you feel that you don’t have the energy to be upbeat. I felt that this street art of angry pandas, created by the artist Angry Woebots, captured the essence of being grumpy for no reason. This photo was taken in downtown Richmond,VA and I thought that while angry, these pandas were still very cute.

Grumpy Panda

Amphitheater Ruins

The Daily Create for today was “Ruin photography today” where we were to take inspiration from the photography of Andre Govia and take a photograph of something abandoned or in the process of decaying. I immediately thought of the abandoned amphitheater on my college campus to be the focus of my photo. The amphitheater has been used in the past for theater productions and other school events. Now, it sits off the beaten path and hasn’t been touched for years. There have been plans to restore the amphitheater to its former glory, but for now students use the area informally as a meeting place or as a quiet space to study. This photo is of the backside of the theater stage, where performers could once access the space below. This space would act as storage, dressing rooms, and even has a removable section of the ceiling for performers and backstage workers to access the stage quickly. The cloudy day helped to dull the colors of the foliage and make the area feel more abandoned. The windows have almost been completely covered with ivy, the door is padlocked, and the stone wall has has been slowly covered by a mineral substance. While the amphitheater is a nice place to hang out, I hope that the university will attempt to restore the amphitheater and use it for school events.

Noir Photography…and Cats!

I really enjoyed the overall theme for this week in class! Taking photographs is a stress-relieving activity for me and an activity I do daily. I feel that I sufficiently accomplished the class assignments given to me this week. The only thing I had trouble understanding was why the number of stars an assignment is worth changes randomly. I created one of my assignments when it was worth four stars and when I checked the assignment details later, the assignment was worth two stars. Can people change how much an assignment is at random or can only professors/assignment creators alter their value? It didn’t matter to me because I had done an extra assignment, but I worry about someone completing an assignment early in the week, not checking on the assignment later in the week, and the star value decreasing to where they don’t complete the minimum requirement for the week.

I enjoyed using the black and white as well as the noir filter on my camera because I had never used these filters on my camera before. My favorite assignment was the Photo Safari because I was always on the look out for something that would be considered noir. It helped me look more closely at the effects of light and shadow on everyday scenes and people. I learned how to edit images in Powerpoint and about the noir elements of film and photography by watching noir movies. One of my other favorite assignments was watching Killer’s Kiss because I watched it with two classmates and we would comment on ‘how noir’ the scenes were and the moodiness of the main characters back-stories. I will probably collaborate with classmates in the future on assignments similar to this one to complete the work with a different perspective. A larger issue of my work is that I work on my assignments during the week, but then don’t upload them until the weekend and this is something I should definitely correct. My favorite post that I read on someone else’s blog this week was definitely lfalkens search for a noir cat and how her search for this elusive cat ended.

My Experience with Photography
Photo Safari

Noir and Visual Storytelling

What’s In Your Bag Assignment
Post-It Notes and Grocery Lists
Back to Basics Assignment
Putting Disney Into Focus

Daily Create #1
Daily Create #2
Daily Create #3

How do I use a pencil?

Today’s Daily Create assignment was to “Create Instructions for an everyday item” and I chose to create instructions for how to use a #2 pencil. I chose the pencil because it is an item that is used less and less as computers and digital messages become more commonplace. Also, mechanical pencils and pens don’t ever need to be sharpened, so the pencil sharpener is becoming obsolete as well. I also thought that using a pencil would be an odd process to explain to other people and I wanted to see how I would put it into words.

How To Use A #2 Pencil

Before starting, be sure that you have:
-a #2 pencil
-pencil sharpener
-something to write on (preferably paper)

Instructions for a #2 pencil
1. First, you must insert the flat wooden end of the pencil into the hole of the pencil sharpener.
2. Twist the pencil repeatedly and intermittently check the pencil after each rotation until it has come to a point.
3. Once your pencil is sharpened, take the paper and place it on a sturdy surface, such as a desk or table.
4. Hold the pencil in your dominant hand with the point pointing down on top of the paper.
5. Apply pressure to the pencil and move the pencil across the paper.
6. If you feel that you have made a mistake, flip your pencil over to the opposite end.
7. Rub the eraser where the mistake has been made on the paper until the pencil marks are gone.
8. Enjoy writing or drawing with your pencil!

*If using a mechanical pencil, you do not need to use a pencil sharpener and can apply pressure to the eraser if you need more lead.

Girl Scouts!

The Daily Create for today was “Make 2048!” with our own pictures filling in for the numbers. I wanted to use a theme that I was familiar with, so I chose Girl Scouts. I have been involved with Girl Scouts for over 15 years and cookie season is starting soon, so I felt that it was an appropriate theme for this DC. I put in the Girl Scout logo as the lowest number, then Girl Scout cookies, and ended with the different awards Girl Scouts can earn; the Bronze Award, Silver Award, and Gold Award. I had never played 2048 before making this DC and the DC page was correct when saying that it is very addictive game.

Girl Scout 2048

 2048 Game

Free Time Doodling!

Today I completed the Daily Create assignment “Droodle at a meeting (or elsewhere)” because I doodle on my notes whenever I look over them for a test or when I just need to draw for stress relief. I decided to use bright colored pens for the doodles to make them stand out more from the pen notes on the paper. I wanted to draw some things that reminded me of warm weather since we have multiple chances of winter weather in the next week. I only drew the frog, turtle, and rose originally, but then decided to add some abstract designs around them so they wouldn’t be floating in empty space on my notebook paper.

Free Time Doodles


Noir Characters and Murder Readings WS2

This is my weekly summary for my second week in the ds106 ‘noir 106′ class and so far I am enjoying every story I’ve read and found the Writing Assignments this week very enjoyable to create and write about.

Daily Creates:
Cat playing a Synthesizer in Space
Eye Selfie
Collage of My Day

Readings/Writing Assignments:
About Page
Readings Blog Post
Character Dossier
Write An Alternative Ending
Monologue Of A Household Tool
Whats In A Name
I also downloaded the three plugins the class was assigned to activate this week; Jetpack, Akismet, and Subscribe to Comments Reloaded. I also moderated comments on my blog and have my official blog name as “GP Library”.

I feel that I completed my assignments well. The one thing that I do need to keep reminding myself to do is to comment on other blog sites and to write on my other sites like Twitter. Before this class, I didn’t have any of the online accounts needed for this class. I only had an email account and a Facebook account, so being a presence on multiple media sites is new to me and I’m trying to adjust. I’m going to set myself up to comment at least once a day on a site. Learning to embed images and videos into my blog posts and how to add plugins onto my blog site were very useful tools that I learned about this week. My favorite assignment this week, and definitely the one I spent the most time on, was my character dossier for my original noir character, Shelley Layton. I hope that we keep writing about our characters in the weeks to come so I can develop her more as a character and maybe have original characters from the noir106 groups interact with each other.

a couple of the places I commented:
Flickr 1Flickr 2Flickr 3, Twitter
I also changed my Youtube channel name