Final Sleuth Update and DS106 Blog Post

Well, this has been an exciting week to say the least. Pluto and Bailey go missing and Sasha, Sarah, and I had to fling ourselves into the 21st century to find them. When we arrived in this current time, we found a note left by Sarah’s cat Bailey left us a note explaining that he and Pluto accidentally entered the time portal which led to 2015. We used the note to locate the owners of Lily, Katherine and Dana James, who happened to be the future grandchildren of Sarah! It seems that we can’t solve a case without running into someone’s family. They weren’t sure where Pluto and Bailey went, but then they popped up on the television, by the way, there are so many channels and colors now! We then raced over to the cat studio mentioned in the commercial starring the cats and the Sleuths decided that we would stay in this time with our cats. The Steadfast Sleuths will continue working together in 2015 after we find a place to stay, Sarah’s grandchildren are helping us with that. I will definitely start attempting to figure out a way that we can stay connected to our time while staying in this one, because we all stillĀ have people we care about in the past. Until the Steadfast Sleuths finish setting up our office, this may be my last post for a while, so I look forward to what the future may hold for us!

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ConcerningĀ DS106/Noir106

Is it okay if I say I love everything about this class? The overall theme of noir intertwined very well with the changes in assignments each week. With one week focusing on noir in film and another focusing on noir in design and photography, the core subject was the same but used enough variety to keep things feeling new and non-repetitive. I would suggest that future DS106 students should get to know a few people in the class either before the class starts or during the first few weeks because knowing the people you will work with in group projects was very important and helpful to our group when discussing the format of our projects and when we could meet. The only other thing that I say would need improving would be communication between the professor and the students. This doesn’t need to change drastically. An email halfway through the semester, perhaps after the midterm assignment, can help students taking the class figure out if there is anything they need to improve upon or if they are doing everything correctly. The content of the class was wonderful and I was able to learn a lot about digital media. I didn’t even have a Twitter, gmail, or blog before this class started! I feel that I’ve attained useful skills pertaining to digital media and editing software/programs in this class that will help me with my future endeavors academically, professionally, and personally.

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