Who is Jack? (Case Update #1)

Tonight was the first night that the Steadfast Sleuths have been able to meet up because Sarah has been poisoned! Sasha, Sarah, and I went out to dinner Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Sarah and I ordered the restaurant’s special while Sasha ordered a salmon salad. Our specials each came with brussel sprouts as a side, which I didn’t end up eating because I am allergic to brussel sprouts. Sarah and Sasha ate their meals while I avoided my brussel sprouts, and afterwards we all spent the night at Sarah’s home. In the middle of the night, Sarah suddenly became violently ill so Sasha and I rushed her to the hospital. In the morning, the doctors told us that the brussel sprouts we had ordered the night before had been poisoned, but the poison was slow-acting so we had brought Sarah to the hospital before she had reached a critical condition. Because this poisoning coincided with the Sleuths accepting the You Don’t Know Jack case makes it highly probable that Jack is behind this. Sarah is now well enough to help Sasha and I with the case so we’ll begin our investigation in the morning after our initial meeting tonight. We will need to be more cautious as we delve further into this case since we know so little about this Jack character and what he is capable of.


The Radio Show Has Just Begun!

My favorite part of this week was meeting up with my radio show group and planning what the show was going to be about, as well as writing and recording most of the show. Seeing all of our ideas come together in a single script was pretty satisfying and having our friends record their voices for characters in our show was a fun experience. I feel that I sufficiently completed the requirements for assignments this week and that my radio show group has a good head start for editing our show, The Steadfast Sleuths. The only thing that gave me trouble this week was minimizing background noise in my voice recordings, but I eventually found ways to fix them through editing or re-recording the audio in a different space. I learned how to alter the pitch speed, and tempo of audio files in Audacity.

This week I listened in to ds106 radio on Monday and tweeted alongside the radio show of “Strangers on a Train”. I’m happy with the ending, but think that the main character let the villain push them around too easily and have too much control over their situation. I can’t think of anything I would do differently in my assignments this week other than fiddling around more with Photoshop and Audacity. I still can’t figure out how to alter the overall clock on my website and I have no questions concerning class materials or assignments at the moment. I will continue experimenting with how to properly give credit to someone who’s work I am using, because I feel that I’m doing it correctly but still want to be on the safe side. Overall, I really enjoyed completing this week’s assignments and beginning the radio show process this week and hope that the latter part of creating the radio show will be as enjoyable as this past week’s work on the show.

Audio Assignments:
Shelley Song
Other Assignments:
Radio Show Week 1
Radio Show Promo
Comment 1Comment 2Comment 3Comment 4Comment 5Comment 6Comment 7Comment 8Comment 9Comment 10

JiJi__by_hayao_miyazaki_loverSee you next week!

Noir Photography…and Cats!

I really enjoyed the overall theme for this week in class! Taking photographs is a stress-relieving activity for me and an activity I do daily. I feel that I sufficiently accomplished the class assignments given to me this week. The only thing I had trouble understanding was why the number of stars an assignment is worth changes randomly. I created one of my assignments when it was worth four stars and when I checked the assignment details later, the assignment was worth two stars. Can people change how much an assignment is at random or can only professors/assignment creators alter their value? It didn’t matter to me because I had done an extra assignment, but I worry about someone completing an assignment early in the week, not checking on the assignment later in the week, and the star value decreasing to where they don’t complete the minimum requirement for the week.

I enjoyed using the black and white as well as the noir filter on my camera because I had never used these filters on my camera before. My favorite assignment was the Photo Safari because I was always on the look out for something that would be considered noir. It helped me look more closely at the effects of light and shadow on everyday scenes and people. I learned how to edit images in Powerpoint and about the noir elements of film and photography by watching noir movies. One of my other favorite assignments was watching Killer’s Kiss because I watched it with two classmates and we would comment on ‘how noir’ the scenes were and the moodiness of the main characters back-stories. I will probably collaborate with classmates in the future on assignments similar to this one to complete the work with a different perspective. A larger issue of my work is that I work on my assignments during the week, but then don’t upload them until the weekend and this is something I should definitely correct. My favorite post that I read on someone else’s blog this week was definitely lfalkens search for a noir cat and how her search for this elusive cat ended.

My Experience with Photography
Photo Safari

Noir and Visual Storytelling

What’s In Your Bag Assignment
Post-It Notes and Grocery Lists
Back to Basics Assignment
Putting Disney Into Focus

Daily Create #1
Daily Create #2
Daily Create #3

Noir Characters and Murder Readings WS2

This is my weekly summary for my second week in the ds106 ‘noir 106′ class and so far I am enjoying every story I’ve read and found the Writing Assignments this week very enjoyable to create and write about.

Daily Creates:
Cat playing a Synthesizer in Space
Eye Selfie
Collage of My Day

Readings/Writing Assignments:
About Page
Readings Blog Post
Character Dossier
Write An Alternative Ending
Monologue Of A Household Tool
Whats In A Name
I also downloaded the three plugins the class was assigned to activate this week; Jetpack, Akismet, and Subscribe to Comments Reloaded. I also moderated comments on my blog and have my official blog name as “GP Library”.

I feel that I completed my assignments well. The one thing that I do need to keep reminding myself to do is to comment on other blog sites and to write on my other sites like Twitter. Before this class, I didn’t have any of the online accounts needed for this class. I only had an email account and a Facebook account, so being a presence on multiple media sites is new to me and I’m trying to adjust. I’m going to set myself up to comment at least once a day on a site. Learning to embed images and videos into my blog posts and how to add plugins onto my blog site were very useful tools that I learned about this week. My favorite assignment this week, and definitely the one I spent the most time on, was my character dossier for my original noir character, Shelley Layton. I hope that we keep writing about our characters in the weeks to come so I can develop her more as a character and maybe have original characters from the noir106 groups interact with each other.

a couple of the places I commented:
Flickr 1Flickr 2Flickr 3, Twitter
I also changed my Youtube channel name

The Murdered: An Alternate Ending to The Killers


Nick had done what George had asked. He had told Ole Anderson about the two men in matching derby hats and black overcoats that were going to kill Ole Anderson. And Ole Anderson didn’t care. He didn’t even show as much as a glint of concern for what those two fellows want to do to him. Ole Anderson just laid on his too small of a bed and stared at the blank wall at his feet. “Why?” Nick spoke quietly to himself as he slowly trudged away from Hirsch’s rooming-house. “What awful deed could Ole Anderson have done to have two killers trailing him, and for him to just calmly wait for them in his room?” As Nick was deep in thought about this, he failed to notice two figures enter through Hirsch’s door.

Max and Al figured that someone from the lunch-room would try to warn Ole Anderson about them as soon as they left. “Well, this means we’ll get the job done quicker,” stated Max. “Won’t have to clean it up since there won’t be any witnesses either,” said Al. They kept their distance from Nick as he entered Hirsch’s and stayed in the shadows until he had left. It was easy for them to hide in the dark with their black coats. Entering the rooming-house was easy; the only thing Max and Al didn’t know was whether or not Ole Anderson would put up a fight. When they entered his room, Ole Anderson just gave them a passing glance from his bed and continued staring sullenly at the bedroom wall. He already knew why they were there. They didn’t need to explain anything to him. He just lied there on his small bed, staring at the wall with a sawn off shotgun resting on his temple, knowing that he deserved what was coming to him.


I decided to create an alternate ending for The Killers for the assignment Write An Alternative Ending, because I felt like it had an open ended ending where the hostages at the lunch-room could have contacted the police, Max and Al could have killed Ole Anderson or the other way around, or the ending I’ve written. I made this as a means to end an open-ended story; I enjoy and dislike stories with no definite ending because, on the one hand, the reader can create whatever ending to a story satisfies them the most. On the other hand, I really like to know how the author would have wanted the story to end and feel pressured to imagine the “correct” ending from an endless number of possible endings. I referenced the story for character names, personalities, and reading how the characters talked and how Ernest Hemingway wrote. After that, I just thought about the possible ending to the story that I preferred and wrote the ending in a Word Document and posted it here.

Assignment Value: 3 stars

Shelley and The World

I chose the Writing Assignment Timeline to be about what world events happened during my character’s lifetime, some of the events affect her personally, affect London, or are just important things that happened in history that year. Most of the events listed on the timeline are noir-like in nature because they are considered catastrophes in one way or another. I decided to add a few positive events in the timeline so her life events weren’t completely negative. I made the timeline in Powerpoint using the Textbox and Shape tools and found the teddy bear, Titanic, London apartment, and pocket watch pictures through Google Images searches. I looked at the world events of the early 1900’s on this site.

Character timeline

I uploaded my timeline as a Powerpoint file because when I attempted to change the file into a jpg. or png. the quality went down and you couldn’t read the events on the timeline. Here is a pixelated version:

Character timeline

Assignment Value: 3 stars


Please Look at Me…

I know when you wake up every morning. I know when you leave the house. I know how late you stay up some nights. I know how long it takes for you to make macaroni and cheese in the microwave. And how often you burn it; you need to use me more often. You barely look at me anymore. You’re parents and grandparents looked at me almost daily, but maybe I’m out of date now…an antique. Do you really not use me anymore? I know I can’t be carried around everywhere to do my job, but I’m supposed to be the one used in the house. People add machines like me into little computers, cars, kitchen appliances and heck, even the thing that’s always in your pocket has one of me. I see why you don’t think I’m as useful. I can’t shout to wake you up in the morning or remind you of a friend’s birthday, but I have a presence. I’m even taller than you, so why am I forgotten and left to die. I don’t want to become something akin to the boombox in the corner. I need to be needed! I can feel myself slowing down, little by little, hour by hour. Soon I won’t even be able to move my hands and I’ll just be another decoration against a wall. But it seems like that’s all I’m good for anyways.

I decided to complete the Monologue Of A Household Tool Writing Assignment because I thought it would be a fun idea to look around my room and think about how an object feels when it is used daily or if an object has been ignored or misused for a long time. This assignment can have someone write on completely different sides of the emotional spectrum, shown as a happy, used tool or as a neglected, sour tool. I got my idea of using an old grandfather clock from noticing how common clocks are found in daily life. You have watches, clocks on cell phones, computers and just about everywhere else you go outside of our home. Large grandfather clocks have lost their primary purpose to more convenient devices that are wearable and now they mostly serve as a gateway into the past of how people used to tell time and how impressive the size of the clock feels. I wrote this assignment in Microsoft Word and found the image on Google from TripAdvisor.

Assignment Value: 4.5 stars


Why is Your Name Spelled That Way?

Hello, this is my post for the What’s In a Name Writing Assignment on the ds106 website. I always get a look from people after I spell out my first name for them or a comment like “that’s a pretty way to spell it”, but not many people ask why Kayleigh is spelled the way it is. My blog URL has parts of my real name incorporated into it. My full name is Kayleigh Ann Barbee. My last name comes from my father’s side of the family and has mixed Irish/Scottish origins while my middle name, Ann, was the middle name of one of my great, great grandmothers on my mother’s side of the family. My first name comes from a more interesting and unusual source. My mother and father loved the modern music they grew up with in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Before I was born they had listened to the music of a British neo-progressive rock band called Marillion. Their biggest hit came out in 1985 and became No. 2 on the charts and the song was titled “Kayleigh”. My parents loved the music and the message of love in this rock song so that was how I was given the name Kayleigh. I researched later that the name has Irish and Gaelic origins, which connects perfectly with my last name.

I chose this topic because I think that the way my parents chose my first name is fascinating to me. Many people in my family received their first names from older family members or family members that they would never get to know because they had passed. Also, I wanted to ask my family about the origin of my middle name because I had never asked about it before. I also found out that if I had been a boy I would have been named Lucas, but they didn’t have a clear reason for that name other than my parents both liked the name. I know my mom really enjoys the first Star Wars trilogy, but I am pretty sure that my boy name had nothing to do with George Lucas.

I also chose this topic because people sometimes ask if my last name has any relation to the doll which shares the same name with a different spelling. Mainly, I just carry around a card with my full name on it so I don’t have to spell my name out loud for people and so I don’t get frustrated trying to tell someone that my name is Kayleigh, not Katelyn, Katie, or Haylee. By explaining my name, I feel that the name has more of a presence than just labeling it as just a different or modified version of an easier to spell name. For this assignment, I just typed up the assignment here on my blog and embedded a video of Marillion’s song from Youtube.

Assignment Value: 2 stars

Delving into Noir WS1

I feel that I have adequately completed the assignments given to me this week. The only thing that gave me trouble was attempting to edit my profile information on a couple of my accounts. I enjoyed looking at content posted by others on social media sites and getting to know more about the ds106 class and what it entails. This week I learned how to make videos and record sound on my computer, two things I had not attempted before. The only thing I would need help with would be to ask how to edit certain aspects of the social media sites I am now a part of and a natural issue I will overcome is the quality of the Soundcloud and Youtube submissions.

I feel that I have greatly expanded my knowledge of the subject known as noir within the past week due to carefully reading and taking notes on the readings Notes on Film Noir and the introduction to More Than Night. These texts outlined common elements, stylistics, and themes found in noir as well as how noir has evolved over time. I am really looking forward to starting the Daily Creates.

The Scooby Doo episode “The Backstage Rage” and the Courageous Cat episode “The Case of the Cat Cave Treasure” both contain very few elements that would be considered noir. The gangster-like frog in Courageous Cat and the printing of counterfeit bills in Scooby Doo are the episodes strongest ties to the noir style. The rest of the episode either pokes fun at noir or becomes comedic in order to appeal to children. The Bugs Bunny episode “Racketeer Rabbit” has a stronger film noir feel due to the episode taking place at night and a fight ensuing between the police and the criminals Bugs Bunny encounters. Again, the episode becomes more light-hearted and steers away from the hopelessness that encompasses much of noir. The sense of hopelessness and wishing for better times in the past found in noir can be identified in The Truth Podcast’s Moon Graffiti episode. When the astronauts realize they will not be returning home, they decide to write their final messages in the dirt and reminisce about the past and memorialize those who had previously tried and failed to land on the moon. What makes the podcast have a more serious undertone is that Nixon had a speech prepared just in case the astronauts could not make it back to earth. Finally, The Dark Knight is filled with elements of film noir, from the hopelessness and despair of Harvey Dent and the people on the two boats deciding whether or not to blow up the other boat in order to save themselves, to the tragic character of Batman himself and how he creates his own sense of justice. The setting of Gotham is also very noir, with a lot of the movie taking place at night, criminals and psychopaths getting involved, and the stark lighting with rain contrasting against the actors. Out of what I reviewed this week, The Dark Knight definitely contains the most noir content.

Submissions this week: