Final Sleuth Update and DS106 Blog Post

Well, this has been an exciting week to say the least. Pluto and Bailey go missing and Sasha, Sarah, and I had to fling ourselves into the 21st century to find them. When we arrived in this current time, we found a note left by Sarah’s cat Bailey left us a note explaining that he and Pluto accidentally entered the time portal which led to 2015. We used the note to locate the owners of Lily, Katherine and Dana James, who happened to be the future grandchildren of Sarah! It seems that we can’t solve a case without running into someone’s family. They weren’t sure where Pluto and Bailey went, but then they popped up on the television, by the way, there are so many channels and colors now! We then raced over to the cat studio mentioned in the commercial starring the cats and the Sleuths decided that we would stay in this time with our cats. The Steadfast Sleuths will continue working together in 2015 after we find a place to stay, Sarah’s grandchildren are helping us with that. I will definitely start attempting to figure out a way that we can stay connected to our time while staying in this one, because we all still have people we care about in the past. Until the Steadfast Sleuths finish setting up our office, this may be my last post for a while, so I look forward to what the future may hold for us!

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Missing Cat Poster
Traveling Through Time
Cat Note
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Cats on TV
Cat Calling Card

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Concerning DS106/Noir106

Is it okay if I say I love everything about this class? The overall theme of noir intertwined very well with the changes in assignments each week. With one week focusing on noir in film and another focusing on noir in design and photography, the core subject was the same but used enough variety to keep things feeling new and non-repetitive. I would suggest that future DS106 students should get to know a few people in the class either before the class starts or during the first few weeks because knowing the people you will work with in group projects was very important and helpful to our group when discussing the format of our projects and when we could meet. The only other thing that I say would need improving would be communication between the professor and the students. This doesn’t need to change drastically. An email halfway through the semester, perhaps after the midterm assignment, can help students taking the class figure out if there is anything they need to improve upon or if they are doing everything correctly. The content of the class was wonderful and I was able to learn a lot about digital media. I didn’t even have a Twitter, gmail, or blog before this class started! I feel that I’ve attained useful skills pertaining to digital media and editing software/programs in this class that will help me with my future endeavors academically, professionally, and personally.

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Matthew/Jack Case Closed!

I felt very accomplished this week, especially since the Steadfast Sleuths were able to solve the “You Don’t Know Jack” case. Our case meeting in the middle of the week was particularly enjoyable and our altercation with Shannon Mills was edited particularly well by the persons documenting our cases. Finding Matthew was by far my most enjoyable moment this week, but that is a more personal matter to be discussed at a different time. Because we are around each other fairly often, solving cases together as the Steadfast Sleuths has become more organized and efficient over the past few weeks. With this comment in mind, I wouldn’t change anything about how we solved our case and I did learn more about audio editing and managing posts being updated on multiple blog sites. At the moment, I’m only concerned about the safety of Pluto and Bailey as they’re roaming around the city. I do hope they return home soon! With the final week of noir106 approaching, I’m curious to see how this class plays out in the end.

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Update 1
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Shannon’s Escape
Case Meeting
Emma Helps
Rooftop Audio

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It’s All Coming Together

Finding clues for this week, creating blog posts on the Steadfast Sleuths blog site, and posting case updates on this site have been quite useful ways of spending my time and good ways of organizing the Steadfast Sleuths’ information regarding our current case. I helped with the process of creating the SS blog posts with the * by them and I feel that finding these pieces of information has been greatly helpful to our case about Jack. It has been difficult finding information about Jack since he’s so secretive, but I’m sure we’ll make more headway this coming week. I missed not having to do Daily Creates this week, but our case has kept us pretty busy. My favorite part of this week was investigating at the Multicultural Fair and I learned how to edit the sound of videos in Windows Movie Maker and how to edit sound over pre-existing background noise in videos. The Steadfast Sleuths work on the Jack Case has gone smoothly, especially with finding clues and using our Twitter hashtag #jackjackattack, with for unforeseen complications and I have no questions regarding our case. Hopefully, by the end of next week we will come close to solving the mystery of the identity of Jack and his relation to the ds106 community.

Case Updates
#1 Jack
#2 Fair

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The Blogging Sleuths

This week contained a majority of online assignments or web-based assignments and I enjoyed being able to expand my knowledge through learning how to embed word documents and how to edit the colors and visual effects of an image in Powerpoint. The only thing that gave me trouble this week was attempting to figure out how to create a clear background behind an image in the program Paint while still keeping part of the image, but I was able to figure this out after some fiddling around. I really enjoyed collaborating with Sasha and Sarah again this week to create The Steadfast Sleuths website and blog and inputting my personal information. Now we have a place for potential clients to learn about our agency and contact us. I would have added a little more information to my resume and my Pinterest dream vacation if given the chance, but I wouldn’t change much else I did this week. I really enjoyed putting together my dream vacation to Japan on Pinterest. I found so many new places I hadn’t even thought of visiting on the site. Hopefully, the Steadfast Sleuths will continue collaborating on our assignments and building up our blog together.

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Pinterest Vacation
10 Second Thanks

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The Second Adventure of the Steadfast Sleuths

Hello, this is Shelley Layton. I guess I’m in charge of the weekly summaries for ds106 as well. My first week being immersed in ds106 has been a great experience. The assignments this week were manageable while balancing my work load in the Steadfast Sleuths. Getting used to using a computer for my assignments was my biggest obstacle, but I learned how to use movie editing programs in the process and I greatly enjoyed my interview with the ds106 instructors and constructing my answers was enjoyable as well. The Daily Creates were also nice and I especially liked drawing NoirCat Batman.

There isn’t much I would have changed about my work this week, other than unforeseen computer difficulties, but that’s not something you can do much about. I’ve been learning as I’ve experimented more with different programs, so I have no urgent questions to ask or issues with my work to express. The video of The Steadfast Sleuths chronicling our latest case was edited by Kim, Lauren, and Kayleigh this week and it came out really well through them editing the scenes together in the Windows Live Movie Maker program and uploading the final product to Youtube and it is embedded in this post. I believe that the video accurately portrays the highs and lows of our case and the continues the development of the relationships between Sarah, Sasha, and myself. I look forward to continuing my work with The Steadfast Sleuths as well as working in the ds106 community.

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My Interview
Our Agency
Case Progress

Daily Creates:

2nd Case of The Steadfast Sleuths

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The Beginning of Video and The Steadfast Sleuths Episode!

I feel that I completed these assignments to the best of my ability. I enjoyed working in my radio show group again this week to begin creating our video for the Steadfast Sleuths. The daily creates are always fun assignments every week and listening to the rest of the class’ radio shows were fun to listen to and comment on. I learned how to use Windows Live Movie Maker this week by experimenting with the program, looking up tutorials online, and reading the tips on this page on the ds106 site.

My most frustrating assignment I completed this week was the video analysis, not creating the content, but uploading it. I was able to successfully record and upload my trailer, but for some reason my computer did not want to be compatible with my trailer file. I think I eventually figured it out, but it was very frustrating at the time. Next time, I will try to record my voice over my videos, something my computer had issues with this week, and hopefully filming will go smoothly next week for the Steadfast Sleuths video. I can’t think of any questions or other work issues that I need to talk about, only that while this week has been fun, it has also had its own unique difficulties.

Film Analysis
Video Plans
Video Teaser
Final Radio Post
Radio Listen

Daily Creates:
Junk Mail
The Blur

Steadfast Sleuths Trailer

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A Week of Collaborations

The focus of this week was to use multiple ds106 characters in our assignments and to collaborate with other people in our class. The assignment I enjoyed the most this week was listening to the radio shows of other groups in our class and creating social media accounts for Shelley Layton. I was able to listen to the shows on Monday and Wednesday nights and it was fun to listen to the stories everyone came up with and seeing what direction the stories and bumpers/commercials went. This week I learned how to use Pinterest through an assignment I collaborated on with my radio group. For better or for worse, this site is now something I take a lot of interest in and hopefully it won’t take up too much of my time. I would try to collaborate on assignments more in the future if given the chance, because I completed most of the assignments on my own this week, while still using multiple characters.

The main thing that gave me trouble this week was the inspire site because it wouldn’t tell me beforehand whether or not a work had already been entered into the site and I would have to redo my entry as a comment on someone else’s entry. Also, I think that site would greatly benefit from a search bar so that if you’re are searching for a certain work or creator, you don’t have to scroll through all of the pages individually. I believe that my work in Photoshop has improved and I will strive to continue creating better work in the future!

Listening to Radio

SS Business Card
Villain Business Card
Pinteresting Story
Random Story


Daily Creates:
Favorite Moment
My Different Sides

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Two Weeks of Radio, Signing Off

This week wasn’t as busy as I though it was going to be, but I still had a lot of editing work to do on my assigned scenes. The editing of balancing voices with background noise was the hardest work I did this week, but I learned a lot about Audacity by trial and error when working on the sound. Editing the scenes, choosing the transition music, and figuring out the placement of commercials and radio bumpers with my group all went smoothly and we were able to finish our radio show by Thursday. I enjoyed inserting my character voicemail from last week into the audio of one of the radio show scenes. My favorite Daily Create this week is definitely the Emoji Story because there were so many potential stories to create from five images, especially if the images are random and you have to create a story off the top of your head.

The next time that we have an audio assignment due, I may try to create one or two of the audio clips instead of only using other people’s sounds from online sources. My issue with my work this week is just that I need to speak louder and have more inflection in my voice recordings in the radio show, but this was fixable in Audacity. I can’t think of any questions that need answering other than the Weeks 6 & 7 page didn’t say whether the Completed Radio Show and Radio Show Progress needed to be two separate posts, so I combined the two into one blog post. The radio show is a great assignment to have for a midterm and I hope that it can be altered to fit future DS106 classes.  I hope all of the UMW students in the class have a great Spring Break! Here are all of my assignments for this week:

Radio Show and Progress

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Daily Creates:
Emoji Story
DS106 Space Station


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The Radio Show Has Just Begun!

My favorite part of this week was meeting up with my radio show group and planning what the show was going to be about, as well as writing and recording most of the show. Seeing all of our ideas come together in a single script was pretty satisfying and having our friends record their voices for characters in our show was a fun experience. I feel that I sufficiently completed the requirements for assignments this week and that my radio show group has a good head start for editing our show, The Steadfast Sleuths. The only thing that gave me trouble this week was minimizing background noise in my voice recordings, but I eventually found ways to fix them through editing or re-recording the audio in a different space. I learned how to alter the pitch speed, and tempo of audio files in Audacity.

This week I listened in to ds106 radio on Monday and tweeted alongside the radio show of “Strangers on a Train”. I’m happy with the ending, but think that the main character let the villain push them around too easily and have too much control over their situation. I can’t think of anything I would do differently in my assignments this week other than fiddling around more with Photoshop and Audacity. I still can’t figure out how to alter the overall clock on my website and I have no questions concerning class materials or assignments at the moment. I will continue experimenting with how to properly give credit to someone who’s work I am using, because I feel that I’m doing it correctly but still want to be on the safe side. Overall, I really enjoyed completing this week’s assignments and beginning the radio show process this week and hope that the latter part of creating the radio show will be as enjoyable as this past week’s work on the show.

Audio Assignments:
Shelley Song
Other Assignments:
Radio Show Week 1
Radio Show Promo
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Noir Photography…and Cats!

I really enjoyed the overall theme for this week in class! Taking photographs is a stress-relieving activity for me and an activity I do daily. I feel that I sufficiently accomplished the class assignments given to me this week. The only thing I had trouble understanding was why the number of stars an assignment is worth changes randomly. I created one of my assignments when it was worth four stars and when I checked the assignment details later, the assignment was worth two stars. Can people change how much an assignment is at random or can only professors/assignment creators alter their value? It didn’t matter to me because I had done an extra assignment, but I worry about someone completing an assignment early in the week, not checking on the assignment later in the week, and the star value decreasing to where they don’t complete the minimum requirement for the week.

I enjoyed using the black and white as well as the noir filter on my camera because I had never used these filters on my camera before. My favorite assignment was the Photo Safari because I was always on the look out for something that would be considered noir. It helped me look more closely at the effects of light and shadow on everyday scenes and people. I learned how to edit images in Powerpoint and about the noir elements of film and photography by watching noir movies. One of my other favorite assignments was watching Killer’s Kiss because I watched it with two classmates and we would comment on ‘how noir’ the scenes were and the moodiness of the main characters back-stories. I will probably collaborate with classmates in the future on assignments similar to this one to complete the work with a different perspective. A larger issue of my work is that I work on my assignments during the week, but then don’t upload them until the weekend and this is something I should definitely correct. My favorite post that I read on someone else’s blog this week was definitely lfalkens search for a noir cat and how her search for this elusive cat ended.

My Experience with Photography
Photo Safari

Noir and Visual Storytelling

What’s In Your Bag Assignment
Post-It Notes and Grocery Lists
Back to Basics Assignment
Putting Disney Into Focus

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