An End to Noir Cats

To recap, during the first week as a radio show group, we created the plot for the show, wrote the script, and almost finished recording the dialogue. On Monday, I recorded my last scene with Lauren and our group completed the dialogue for the radio show scenes on Monday. We then split the scenes evenly among the three of us, three scenes each, and we gave ourselves until Wednesday evening to edit these scenes by adding sound effects, background music, and clearing up the audio.

When we met on Wednesday, Kim and I uploaded our scenes to Soundcloud, Lauren downloaded them, and we decided on what music we should for transitions between scenes on Lauren’s computer and Kim recorded the introduction to the radio show. We completed most of the radio show that night, and Lauren worked on making everything sound well together into Thursday. The Steadfast Sleuths was complete on Thursday and this was a really fun project to work on. Take a listen below:

Our Completed Radio Show:

4 thoughts on “An End to Noir Cats”

  1. I loved ya’ll’s radio show! It was super cute. Your character has my last name haha! I was like WOAH! Really good job though, I loved the introduction part!

  2. Gosh I am envious of your ability to sit down and finish most of the project in the first week. My group procrastinates a lot haha. I really like the show. Great job!

  3. Good job on the radio show! I really liked the name steadfast sleuths and I especially enjoyed the commercials you guys put together

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