Ideas and Collages

In this post, I’ve included the assignment descriptions for two assignments that I have created on the DS106 Assignment Bank website. Both ended up being design assignments, mostly because those have been my favorite assignments to work on.

3D Magazine Collage

Take some of your old magazines and newspapers and create a 2D or 3D collage/sculpture of words and pictures that represent a common theme (ex: color, media subject such as animals or food, things you like, etc.). Explain why you chose your theme and what some of the individual pieces mean to you.
(I want to go back and edit this so someone could only make a 3D sculpture for the assignment, but I think once the assignment is submitted, it can only be edited by faculty.)

What are you selling?

Is there something that you wish existed in the world, but so far it’s only an idea in our head? For this assignment, create a poster advertising a fictional product designed by you. Create the poster by using an editing program like Photoshop or drawing the design and creating a tangible poster. Try answering questions like who the product is for and how will it benefit the person who buys it, in your design.

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