It’s All Coming Together

Finding clues for this week, creating blog posts on the Steadfast Sleuths blog site, and posting case updates on this site have been quite useful ways of spending my time and good ways of organizing the Steadfast Sleuths’ information regarding our current case. I helped with the process of creating the SS blog posts with the * by them and I feel that finding these pieces of information has been greatly helpful to our case about Jack. It has been difficult finding information about Jack since he’s so secretive, but I’m sure we’ll make more headway this coming week. I missed not having to do Daily Creates this week, but our case has kept us pretty busy. My favorite part of this week was investigating at the Multicultural Fair and I learned how to edit the sound of videos in Windows Movie Maker and how to edit sound over pre-existing background noise in videos. The Steadfast Sleuths work on the Jack Case has gone smoothly, especially with finding clues and using our Twitter hashtag #jackjackattack, with for unforeseen complications and I have no questions regarding our case. Hopefully, by the end of next week we will come close to solving the mystery of the identity of Jack and his relation to the ds106 community.

Case Updates
#1 Jack
#2 Fair

Steadfast Sleuth Blog Posts
Poison Tweets*
DKC Mascot
Voice Recordings
Clue Note*
Multicultural Fair*

wide eyed kittySee you next week!

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