Matthew/Jack Case Closed!

I felt very accomplished this week, especially since the Steadfast Sleuths were able to solve the “You Don’t Know Jack” case. Our case meeting in the middle of the week was particularly enjoyable and our altercation with Shannon Mills was edited particularly well by the persons documenting our cases. Finding Matthew was by far my most enjoyable moment this week, but that is a more personal matter to be discussed at a different time. Because we are around each other fairly often, solving cases together as the Steadfast Sleuths has become more organized and efficient over the past few weeks. With this comment in mind, I wouldn’t change anything about how we solved our case and I did learn more about audio editing and managing posts being updated on multiple blog sites. At the moment, I’m only concerned about the safety of Pluto and Bailey as they’re roaming around the city. I do hope they return home soon! With the final week of noir106 approaching, I’m curious to see how this class plays out in the end.

My Updates:
Update 1
Update 2

Steadfast Sleuth Posts:
Shannon’s Escape
Case Meeting
Emma Helps
Rooftop Audio

0106121839a_0001See you next week!

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