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This week contained a majority of online assignments or web-based assignments and I enjoyed being able to expand my knowledge through learning how to embed word documents and how to edit the colors and visual effects of an image in Powerpoint. The only thing that gave me trouble this week was attempting to figure out how to create a clear background behind an image in the program Paint while still keeping part of the image, but I was able to figure this out after some fiddling around. I really enjoyed collaborating with Sasha and Sarah again this week to create The Steadfast Sleuths website and blog and inputting my personal information. Now we have a place for potential clients to learn about our agency and contact us. I would have added a little more information to my resume and my Pinterest dream vacation if given the chance, but I wouldn’t change much else I did this week. I really enjoyed putting together my dream vacation to Japan on Pinterest. I found so many new places I hadn’t even thought of visiting on the site. Hopefully, the Steadfast Sleuths will continue collaborating on our assignments and building up our blog together.

Steadfast Sleuth Website

Pinterest Vacation
10 Second Thanks

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konachan-com-animal-azumanga-daioh-cat-kamineko-white-cat-2104665245See you next week!

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